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Nick heads up to Demi and Nick and performs "Tik Tok," which serves mainly to demonstrate that he's not a singer. He has fun, at least, and tells us afterward that he killed it. "I knew I would." Nick says he wasn't expecting to dig a rapper in with all these singers, "but I thoroughly enjoyed that performance." Demi, however, is torn between "loving it or super-annoyed by it." Well, in that sense, Nick Youngerman is indicative of a lot of today's musicians, so that's certainly in his favor.

CeCe and Paige bond over their shared fear of being sent home. Or rather Paige does, while CeCe is more likely probing for weakness. We're reminded that Paige has a three-year-old daughter back home, and she's doing this for her as well. Paige presents herself to Demi and Nick, both overdressed and underdressed at the same time. By which I mean she's wearing a very dramatic outfit with a train but seems to have completely forgotten her pants. She starts her song from a seated position, and basically combines the song with a posedown, which gets tedious in a hurry. Nick and Demi are both really underwhelmed, and Demi frets to Nick that Paige blew everyone away at first, but has been coming off increasingly insecure as the competition proceeds. Dammit, Paige, don't let CeCe win! And put on some pants!

Finally, it's CeCe Frey's turn, and I don't want to alarm anyone, but her painted-on leopard spots appear to be spreading. CeCe flashes back to Demi declaring her girl-crush on her at her first audition. Pre-audition, Demi gives CeCe some advice, saying she has a lot of confidence and attitude, "and sometimes it borderlines a little unlikeable." In other words, stop acting like an arrogant fucking sociopath. CeCe admits in an interview that this was her one fear, and starts to confess to Demi about her array of defense mechanisms, which Demi cuts off with advice to use the emotions she's feeling right now. So after this whole sequence about how CeCe is a fragile little snowflake inside her tough exterior, she has to go up to the living room and admit that she's singing "I'm Sexy and I Know It." Oh, awesome. Turns out it's not a song that really works well with only an acoustic guitar as backup, let alone with whatever melody CeCe has composed for it.

After she leaves, Nick says CeCe took direction well, and at exactly the right time. Demi is worried about how she's going to eliminate two people. CeCe chokes out a confessional about how she's tired of holding it together. "I don't think you're going to see these tomorrow," she says, indicating her spots. She certainly has taken Demi's advice to heart. It'd be more convincing if her dead, soulless eyes weren't still drier than the Sahara, though.

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