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At Chez Scherzinger, Josh the Burrito Guy is the first of the Over 30s to sing tonight for Enrique Iglesias and Nicole. We find out that he's got a 13-year-old daughter back home, and he's 30, so do the math. This explains why he's so unaccustomed to having any time in the shower. The song Nicole picked for him is "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." He's all restraint this time around, giving me plenty of time to observe that of all the judges' houses, Nicole's has the best view, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the distance. She must be the richest one. He gives them a little speech about his confidence and thanks them for the opportunity. Nicole and Enrique discuss whether he can be a star, and agree that he's not a typical star. They should maybe reserve judgment until the makeover episode.

Four-girl band 2 Squar'd is up, and Paula's making them sing "Bohemian Rhapsody," which will be either horrible or awesome. And...well, it's not awesome. They start the song about halfway through, and try to do it all slinky, which really doesn't fly, and their lead vocalist isn't great. Paula and Pharrell are pretty reserved with each other in their praise for them afterwards.

At the Reid Ranch, it's time for Tim Cifers, that country singer I totally forgot about. He's interviews that he's here to give his kids a chance to grow up with the "countryism" he knew as a kid, i.e. hunting and fishing and all that, and figures this is his one shot to give it to them. Does that really cost five million dollars? He sings a slow, sad country sing about his dad. Once he's done, Rihanna admits that Tim's a real country singer, but L.A. says he wanted more from him. Singing while standing up, maybe?

For once. Rachel Crow, the sassy 13-year-old, didn't have to go first. She interviews about all the home improvements she'd make with the five million dollars, like it's already spent. I should advise her that even if she loses, chalkboard paint really isn't that expensive. She sings Simon a downer, distinctly un-sassy version of "I Want it That Way," apparently having forgotten what got her this far in the competition. But Simon really dug it, and gushes to his flunkies about how he appreciates her taking risks. Nice to see him not trying to stuff people back in their boxes on this show. Not that he ever did that on any other show that I may or may not be aware of.

From the youngest person still in the competition to the oldest, we go to LeRoy Bell, who just turned 60. He interviews that he's been pretending to be in his 40s for the last ten years, and pretty convincingly, I would guess. He adds that there are plenty of people in their sixties making great music. "I don't see why I should stop." Because they've been doing it for forty years or more? Not that LeRoy isn't awesome; he sings a sweet, slow song, sounding great, but when he's done, Nicole is worried about the level of his nerves, and wonders what to do. Enrique's no help to her at all, and off to the side, LeRoy is cautiously optimistic as he talks to Steve. I love how this is edited like all four series of tryouts are happening simultaneously, even though a) it's daytime in both France and California, b) Mariah Carey was supposedly grounded by Hurricane Irene when it's sunny and beautiful at L.A.'s place in the Hamptons, and c) Steve is in all four locations, d) wearing different outfits.

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