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Tiger Budbill, the wedding DJ whose house is about to be on the block because he earns less money at his job in a week than I do recapping, and LeRoy Bell, the 60-year-old, are about to find out their fate from Nicole. Obviously they're both nervous. Nicole tells LeRoy he has a beautiful voice, and Tiger that she was blown away by him and has watched him grow. Tiger grew a beard, yes. Nicole frets that LeRoy may not want it enough, and tells Tiger she wants more from him. Could she make that a little more intangible? Tiger's out, and he says he felt his heart drop, which makes Nicole cry after they hug goodbye. Tiger calls home on what must be the official X Factor Communicator and tells his wife he just wanted her to be proud. She says she is proud, no matter what, which isn't as encouraging as she might intend. "No matter how much you suck, I'll always be proud." On the other hand, LeRoy's reaction to the news that he's through is so muted that Nicole is the one who has to excitedly clap her hands and climb all over him, just so someone on the screen looks happy.

Back to the Reid Ranch. Chris Rene, who has one more day of sobriety than the last time we saw him, is about to find out whether he's still in the competition or that much closer to his next relapse. Chris tells us about deciding to change his life while on the way to the hospital, so here he is. He joins L.A. and his Bond-villain outfit in the back yard, and reveals that he's been clean since April 20. Easy date to remember, it being Hitler's birthday and all. [Note: And this. -- RS.] L.A. says Chris was good yesterday but he's been better, and consistency is important. Chris promises to not let anyone down, and after one of his long, basilisk stares, L.A. finally tells Chris, "You're on my team." Chris is off to celebrate, and to call his sister Gina to break the news that he's now lasted two rounds more than she did. Oh, and enough with the "Fix You" for the Chris Rene segments already, The X Factor.

Hour two, and it's time for the two Frankengroups made of soloists who couldn't cut it individually to find out if their artificially created bands are going on or not. They all want it really bad, though. Paula tells the four-girl group, Lakoda Rayne, that their energy was off, and the teen mob that is InTENsity that the boys sounded great but the girls need to spend some time on a "vocal blend." She babbles at both groups, with the editors cutting back and forth between them as if to underline how she's getting so incoherent it doesn't even matter who she's talking to any more. Bottom line: Lakoda Rayne is moving on, and so is InTENsity. Wow. Is Illusion Confusion still on the property? Are we sure they aren't armed? Somebody should probably check on that. And Paula should consider moving so they don't know where she lives any more.

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