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In France, it's time for Caitlin Koch and Tiah Tolliver to find out if they get one of the two remaining Girl spots. Caitlin is obviously saving her voice for later in the competition as she mumbles about how she wants to go further, rather than going back to Buffalo and rugby and singing to nobody. They make their appearances in front of Simon. He likes them both, but asks Tiah, "What do you think has gone wrong with you in the fact that I seem to be the only person who likes you?" Is there any right answer to that question? I mean from Tiah's point of view, that is. From our point of view, there's no wrong answer. But ultimately, Caitlin is the one who didn't make it. "I'm really genuinely sorry," he says, and then tells no one after she leaves, "I didn't like doing that." She tells Steve it's just not her time, and he gives her a hug. And then Simon tells Tiah that he's a believer, so she's going on. I think we'll look back on tonight as the point when Simon lost the competition for himself.

So, to recap so far: Simon's picked Simone, Drew and Tiah. Paula picked the Brewer Boys, InTENsity and Lakoda Rayne. Nicole took Josh, Dexter and Leroy; and L.A. has Brian Bradley, Chris Rene and Phillip Lomax. So we're down to one spot and two people still hoping for it in each category. We're continuing with the boys, which are down to Tim Cifers and Marcus Canty. Tim's the country singer and beer distributor who says this is his one shot. "This decision determines the rest of my life," he tells us. Marcus Canty is the kid whose two years of trying to become a musician are about to run out. There's more editing back and forth between the two of them sitting with L.A., who makes sure to tell Tim that Rihanna appreciated his humility. He also tells Marcus that he's not sure where Marcus fits, but it's Tim who gets sent back to his beer truck. "I don't know what else I could have done," Tim tells us. Be Phillip Lomax? That worked for him. Of course, Marcus doesn't know that four people have already been axed, so he's pretty happy to learn that he's going on, along with Brian, Chris and Phillip. Now he gets to call home and hopefully not be told, "Sorry, Marcus, your two years are up." Are you getting tired of that joke yet? Too bad, I still have one year, eleven months, and one week left on it.

Back to Villa Abdul, where the last Group slot is a tossup between the Stereo Hogzz and The Anser. How committed are the Anser? They bought rings. The Stereo Hogzz, meanwhile are dressed up like they're going to the Hamptons to learn their fate. Between the two groups, it's like a quadruple gay wedding. More cutting back and forth between the two groups getting their critiques from Paula. She has more negative things to say to the Anser, and they start crying, so it's not a shock when she says they're done. But at least they have their rings, and at least I can stop typing "Answ-[backspace]" all the damn time. They join the surviving groups in the kitchen, where there are lots of tearful farewells, and Paula kind of angrily tells Stereo Hogzz, "We're gonna kill it!" And then she disappears entirely into their group hug before they jump into her pool in their fancy clothes. Apparently they get only one phone call home to break the news, because they shout into the communicator, "Call all the moms!"

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