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Before the credits, we're reminded how the judges' homes round began last night, in as noisy a way as possible. Tonight it'll wrap up with the teens at Britney's house and the Over 25s at L.A.'s house. Also, if my suspicions are correct, in as noisy a way as possible.

We're starting at L.A.'s house in Beverly Hills, as he reminds us that his contestants are Jason Brock, Tara Simon, Vino Alan, David Correy, Tate Stevens and Daryl Black, and that only four of those six will go on to the live shows. Why not make it three? Or two? As we saw last night, L.A. wasn't thrilled to get this category, possibly because his guest mentor, Justin Bieber, is half their age. L.A., Justin and Justin's manager Scooter Braun give them some all-purpose encouragement. Jason says he wants L.A. to believe in him and we see him telling David Correy about how his family told him as a kid that he couldn't sing. We see a clip of his first audition in which he proved them wrong by getting L.A. up on his feet. To be fair, maybe when his family said it, it was true. Today, on L.A.'s patio, he belts out "Big Girls Don't Cry" and feels like he did well. After he leaves the mentors alone, they don't seem to have an issue with his vocal performance, but whether he's worth a five million dollar contract just in general. God forbid they give it to the portly gay dude, after all. Especially one who refuses to distractingly change the gender language in well-known songs.

David Correy is feeling the pressure and we flash back to his first audition, when he talked about hoping the competition would help him reconnect with his birth family. He goes out and sings a song about looking out over Hollywood while looking out over Hollywood. Justin thought he was great, even though it seems to pain L.A. to admit that some of the notes gave him "chill bumps." He's still more worried about commercial viability rather than talent. To Justin Bieber's credit, L.A.'s protégé doesn't take that personally.

Now it's time for Daryl Black, the 37-year-old musician, who's singing "She's Gone." Hall & Oates are certainly doing well this week. Even if Daryl Black isn't, as the editors only show a few lines of his song. And L.A remains unimpressed, even if Justin and Scooter aren't.

In L.A.'s living room, Tate Stevens talks about how he was soon the only contestant in the competition still wearing a cowboy hat. He tells us he doesn't want to go back to asphalt and concrete. But this is, you know, for his family. He goes out and sings his country ballad, which causes L.A. to make his listening-face for the first time today. He compliments Tate on the song choice and sends him back inside. Scooter says you want to root for Tate and Justin says he has a great voice, but L.A. keeps coming back to whether each of them is worth five million. L.A., none of them are, in any category. That's the whole point. But someone's going to win it eventually.

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