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Part Three (Part Four)

That leaves Jillian Jensen and CeCe Frey, who are on opposite ends of any number of spectrums. Jillian, however, claims to have come out of her cocoon. CeCe, on the other hand, is no longer wasting our time with her stupid leopard spots, and claims to the camera that she came on so strong and is now worried, because Demi told her to show some vulnerability so that's her new 24/7 act. I'm no psychiatrist, and wouldn't diagnose people on reality TV if I was, but that chick's a sociopath. Both CeCe and Jillian cry to cameras separately, but I'm pretty sure it's only real for one of them. We cut back and forth between Demi breaking the news to both of them. "I promised myself I wouldn't cry," Jillian says. I'm sure CeCe promised herself the opposite, but both of them are failing. And Demi tells Jillian that she's going home, which seems to devastate Jillian as much as anything in her sucky life to date already has, which is saying something. She goes to the winner's lounge and into Jennel's arms, and the two besties say a farewell so emotional that even Demi is crying in an entirely different room. But Demi cheers up in time to tell CeCe that she's going on to the next round. And Jillian goes and cries in Nick Youngerman's arms like she's at a mob funeral, while CeCe adds another mental corpse to her mental pile.

So now we move on to Simon's house in Miami Beach, because he always has to be further away than all the other judges to show how he's the most important one. He's got his six groups: Emblem3, Sister C, Playback, Dope Crisis and Lylas. They're all stressing out at the hotel, where I suppose most of them get to room with each other, aside from Lyric 145, probably. Speaking of whom, the hip-hop Frankengroup that Simon molded from duo One4five and rapper Lyric Da Queen are the first ones up. We see their separate initial auditions, and then their group audition here at Simon's house the previous day, which is the only performance they've done as a group that there's any past footage of. They come out to Simon's deck and stand before him. Simon appreciates the humor they brought to their performance, not that I was laughing, but he warns that the downside is that there are only four slots. That's not a downside for them, necessarily. Simon's not even trying. Of course he puts them through, like he would ever not promote a group he put together himself.

Dope Crisis is the next group to appear before Simon, who tells them they couldn't have put any more into their performance than they did. But he's not convinced that was enough, and tells them, "It's bad news. I'm afraid you didn't make it." Bad for whom, though? Also, Simon doesn't look terribly afraid at all.

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