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Britney talks up her team, who, in case your name is Memento, are Carly, Arin, Diamond and Beatrice, whose parents are allowed to join them in the winners' parlor. Which may be the last time they see each other for months.

On to L.A.'s house, where he reminds us that his top six in the Over 25 category are Jason Brock, Tara Simon, David Correy, Vino Alan, Tate Stevens and Daryl Black, none of whom he started out as a big fan of. But now all that's changed and after hearing them sing at his house, there may be one or two he can still tolerate. All of them are seen stressing out at their hotel, and then photogenically at various locations in L.A.'s house. Nice of the producers to position portly Tate in the kitchen. L.A. tells us that this is the last chance for most of them, as they well know. Vino tells the others that he'll be back out on the streets if he gets a no, without even enough money for a motel. David Correy, who's here to not only become a star but find his birth mother, is the first to be called before L.A. out on his pool deck, saying nobody wants it as much as he does. L.A. compliments David's image and voice, but is concerned about his ability to "be that number one artist." Not that L.A. doesn't have that same doubt about everyone in this category. David is already emotional, but L.A. says he's in, making David the happiest he's ever been in his life. Man, I hope his birth mother isn't a letdown.

Daryl Black, the professional musician with all the kids, takes what he calls "the longest walk of my life." L.A. tells him that he reminds him of himself, but he wants "fire" and "stardom," and tells Daryl, "This is where it stops. Sorry." He and David say an emotional farewell on Daryl's way to the losers' room, where he says his family will be crushed. "I really respect L.A., but today he made a mistake." David maintains. Not that L.A. had much of a choice, the way Daryl's performance last week was edited.

Jason Brock confesses to being "nervous as hell," and says he's always wanted to be a star. He's hoping L.A. will be the first one in his entire life to believe in him, I guess because you have to start somewhere, and adds that the stakes just went up for him, because he got fired from his tech support job that very morning. Damn. L.A. tells Jason he loves his voice, but expresses his doubts about whether Jason fits as a star. "You're with me," he finally says, Jason hugs L.A. and then David Correy in the winners' room.

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