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While waiting to hear his answer, Tate tells us that he got a text from his wife that morning saying, "It doesn't matter what happens today because we know that you're a superstar." Well, he had a better start to his day than Jason Brock did, at least. On the other hand, he still has his job, even though he doesn't want to go back to it. We'll have to wait to hear L.A.'s answer to find out whose day is better overall (as though L.A.'s going to eliminate the second person from his category this early while there are still two other people waiting). L.A. appreciates Tate's lovability, but says he needs more confidence. And then he strings Tate along for a nice long time before congratulating him on being in his final four.

That leaves Vino and Tara waiting for the one remaining spot. Tara tells Vino she's been taking no's that should have been yeses all her life. I'm sure she's half right. We flash back to her successful first audition and her messed-up boot camp audition, as well as yesterday's song for L.A., Justin and Scooter. All together like that, that's a lot of long, high notes. Tara's called out and Vino's left alone. "Do people judge me by the way I look?" he's apparently been asked. "Well, only every day, all day." We're reminded how Britney was visibly repulsed by his tattoos at his first audition, but then he impressed L.A. with his voice. He assures us that people don't generally come up to him looking like that and assume he's a great soul singer. He and Tara do the simultaneous approach to L.A.'s guest chair through the magic of editing. L.A. tells Tara he loves her competitive nature, but has doubts about how she can do against the competition. L.A. tells Vino that he's worried about him as well. Vino begs L.A. for a chance and L.A. says he lost sleep over Tara. But his decision is that Tara is done. She gets up and walks away from L.A., then tells the interview cameras that "he just got rid of someone who could be a Kelly Clarkson or a Carrie Underwood or a Christina Aguilera." Except unlike Tara, those are all artists that a lot of people can actually stand, so clearly she's has learned nothing. It's pretty quiet on the couch with her and Daryl, though. Finally, L.A. shakes his head at Vino sadly and says he made it through. They exchange manly fist bumps and handshakes and what-not, and Vino says he's more excited about this than anything in his life. We can tell, because he smiles briefly.

L.A. joins his final four -- Jason, Tate, David and Vino -- telling them they're a family, but they all have to beat each other. Just like most families.

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