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On to Demi's loft in L.A. and her Young Adult category: Jillian Jensen, Willie Jones, Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas, Nick Youngerman and CeCe Frey. They're in their hotel rooms, all talking about how they hope they make it through even though only four of them can. Jillian tells her roommate Jennel that she doesn't think this is going to be the end for either of them. They're caravanned to Demi's place, where she says she's quite confident in her decision. Jennel is also confident in her performance the day before, so now it's just down to the waiting. She meets Demi and Demi's hat in her upstairs living room, where Demi compliments her voice but says she needs more confidence. But Jennel's in the final four, so it looks like she'll get the chance to work on that, at some point after she stops crying in the winners' room.

Willie says this is the biggest opportunity of his life, and says he refuses to go home to Shreveport. I'd love it if just one of these people would be like, "Yeah, easy come, easy go. I'll be happy either way." Willie joins Demi on her couch, where she talks about how unique and unexpected he is, but she senses an "inner battle" in his head between his country self and his R&B self. Pick a box for us to stuff you in, Willie! But he's okay for now, because he's in her final four. And the dorky dance he does while running down to meet Jennel is neither country nor R&B, so that's a whole other level of challenge now.

Okay, this is weird -- after the ads, I'm suddenly watching The Mindy Project Is that supposed to be happening? And then a baseball game? Have I fallen into a time warp or just my Fox affiliate? Oh right... it looks like that rain delay is over and so is The X Factor for tonight. Fortunately, Twitter exists and the show's account announces that the whole episode will be shown next Tuesday. So I guess I'll pick this up then, although by that time -- if you have CTV (or, you know, Twitter) -- you'll already know what happened. Just humor me, okay?

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