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Did you know all four acts in the semi-finals want to go on to the finals and some of them even want to win? I think that can only result in conflict and disappointment for at least one of them.

Here are Mario and Khloe, and then here are the judges, and then here's Mario's speech about what tonight means. Here's a surprise: it's a big deal. Khloe tells us that someone named Bridgit Mendler will be performing later, whoever that is, and Bruno Mars will sing as well. They add that there's no sing-off or judges' decision tonight, like they mentioned several times last night. And to answer the question of how they're going to fill the extra time, the top four launch into a group sing of some sweet ballad, with Carly kicking it off, Tate picking it up ,and Fifth Harmony coming in with some gentle harmonies before Emblem3 comes bullying in with a noisy, jarring rap interlude for tools. So really, everyone's playing to their own strengths here. Except for the part at the very end when they're all lip-syncing. That's a skill that most of them still need a little work on.

Time for the rundown of last night's action. L.A. congratulated Tate backstage while they wore their matching hats, and Tate was pretty confident despite Britney's lukewarm comments. Carly resolved to work harder after Simon seemed less impressed than usual, Emblem3 were happy to have won back Demi's approval, Fifth Harmony were thrilled at getting unanimous praise from the judges' table for once, Tate hoped for the best after his second song and L.A. described Carly's second performance as "problematic." Emblem3 somehow thought they were "literally one more performance" from winning it all, and Fifth Harmony seemed cautiously optimistic after what was most likely their last performance together ever.

After the clips, Khloe asks Simon if he's expecting any surprises tonight. Well, if he were, they wouldn't be surprises, would they? He's still hoping against hope for "my girls," while Britney simply says she's feeling confident about Carly. Thanks for the insight as always, Brit.

Now there's a bunch of clips of the contestants talking about how much they want to win, again, some more, forever and ever. We start with Tate saying he doesn't have mom and dad to go home to: "I am mom and dad." And yet here you are. Emblem3 says they've been wanting this since the beginning of time, which according to geologists is the late 1990s. Fifth Harmony have their usual slumber-party vibe, and Carly talks about how this means everything to her. And all along I was hoping that someone would finally be, "Eh, I could take it or leave it."

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