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Simon vs. L.A.

L.A. congratulates her, saying that it was overall good except vocally. Britney agrees with that, but Simon likes how "fearless" and "interesting" she was, which means her lackluster vocals didn't really matter. See? And Demi says she knows CeCe can do better. CeCe assures Mario that she's taking this "harsh" criticism constructively. Good. Next time go harsher.

On to Tate Stevens, who we see saying goodbye to his family at home in Belton, Missouri. His wife says she'll miss him, but his daughter says not to come home without the five-million-dollar contract. He's not going to be able to please both of them. In his mentoring session, L.A. tells Tate he's an "American classic" but needs to do more entertaining.

Tate's song tonight is the country paean to middle-class moms "I Thought I Was Tough," and he seems to be following L.A.'s pre-show advice of singing it to the one he loves, and he sounds nice as always. Britney says Tate gets women, and Demi says that although she was bored at first, he doesn't need the dancers and all the other crap that's been going on all night. Simon likes Tate for knowing exactly what kind of artist he is, but didn't love the song choice. L.A. supportively tells Tate that Simon isn't an expert in country (or hip-hop, he adds, as a little extra dig), but Tate's a keeper. Mario and Khloe come out and she asks Tate a scripted question about missing his family, and probably gets a bonus for making him tear up a bit.

Coming back from the ads, Khloe's now at the judges table, having some stilted conversation with Britney and greeting L.A. when he gets back late. Britney introduces Beatrice Miller, whom we see at home in Maplewood, New Jersey. Britney apparently chose a song that Beatrice wouldn't have picked herself, but assures her she'll do well if she sells it.

And that song turns out to be one that I wouldn't have picked either, because I've never heard it before. It's a slow, emotional ballad, which Beatrice sings on a starlit stage with crimped hair and some weird Newsies Beyond Thunderdome getup, and a silly giant projection of herself in the background at the end. Oh, wait, it's "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz, mixed around almost past the point of identifiability. Which I still wouldn't have picked.

L.A .compliments her believability and lovability, Demi is impressed, and Simon thinks the song was the right choice for Beatrice, although he calls her on some pitch issues when she pushed it, which he's willing to chalk up to nerves. Britney has only nice things to say to her, though, because she doesn't have much to say about anything. Mario comes out and cheesily asks Beatrice what it's like to work with Britney, and Beatrice basically says she's super nice. Fortunately Beatrice is still young enough that this can be interpreted as a compliment.

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