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Simon vs. L.A.

Khloe and Mario come out, and Khloe asks Demi who was the good one. Demi tries to ignore her in favor of introducing her next performer, but Khloe shouts over her and repeats the question, which Demi defers answering until she abruptly points to the indistinguishable white girl on the end next to Mario. So now we all know.

Demi's Willie Jones is coming up next. We see him arriving with the other members of the Top 16 at the contestants' mansion, which is a far cry from his home in Shreveport. He's feeling a little intimidated by the girls and women he's competing against, given that he can't hit some of the notes they can.

He comes out onstage dressed like a '90s R&B star with skimpily dressed country back-up singers and sings "Here for the Party," which doesn't really let him show off the low notes he needs to stand out, at least not until the very end. I'm not really feeling it, to be honest. L.A. says it was entertaining and "adequate," and Willie manages not to blush. Britney also says some meaninglessly positive things, like she's judging the show via speakerphone. Simon complains that he didn't get it and that Willie didn't seem to be taking himself seriously. "And I don't think your mentor has done you any justice with that whatsoever." Demi reminds Simon that Willie's mentor is twenty years old and knows what people like. And from there it starts to devolve like a couple of siblings in the back seat on a long road trip. Khloe all but threatens to turn the car around then asks Simon to elaborate on why it was silly, and Simon says he would have picked a different song, not that he can come up with one on the spot. "I think if you can sing country with a high-top fade, you're all right, Willie Jones," Mario says in his defense.

After the ads, Khloe and Mario are at the judge's table reminding us again that the top twelve will be revealed tomorrow night, and then they throw it to Britney. She barely catches it in time to introduce Carly Rose Sonenclar, and in her mentoring session, Britney decides to dress Carly as "Hit Me Baby One More Time"-era Britney Spears. Glad to see Brit-Brit didn't burn off all her terrible ideas in the last decade.

And there's Carly, in front of the audience in a little schoolgirl uniform, with similarly-dressed backup dancers, singing a jazzy version of some half-realized song that the writer clearly spent less time on than Carly did. I'd Google it, but there aren't even enough lyrics to search with. [Note: It's an odd rendition of "Something's Got a Hold On Me" originally performed by Etta James. -- Rachel] She sounds good singing it, though.

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