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It's Diamond White's turn, and tonight she's here to sing "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," something that sounds pretty grown-up for somebody who has Mickey Mouse hands all over her shirt. She does pretty well, while the camera keeps cutting to Britney waiting for it to be her turn to talk. L.A. says she gives him "chill-bumps" and that she has a real future in the business. Demi was impressed by Diamond's soul, and Simon says he'd hate to be Britney, because Diamond totally changed his mind in the last twenty seconds of her song. In fact, he doesn't think either of them should have to go, so I guess Beatrice Miller should count herself lucky that Simon doesn't march backstage and boot her himself. Arin comes back out, not helping himself by looking annoyed at this whole situation while Diamond keeps on smiling. Britney says it's a tough decision, but she's sending home Diamond, stunning both of them. Arin takes off while the hosts patronizingly buck up Diamond, whose post-defeat period of depression lasted all of two seconds.

One category left, because of course it's Simon's world and we all just live in it. There's the clip package featuring Sister C, Lyric 145, 1432, and Emblem3, which listed all together like that with all the letters and numbers sound like a bill for Lollapalooza on Sesame Street. Sister C are frustrated at the stagehand screw-up that left them stranded briefly on the top of their platform until someone remembered to bring them stairs, like that's what's going to cost them the competition. Lyric 145 were unbowed by L.A.'s criticism; Demi declined to apologize to 1432 backstage afterwards even when Simon tried to bully her into doing so in front of the girls; and Emblem3 just ended up even more convinced of their own awesomeness than ever before. All fourteen members of the four groups crowd out onto the stage around Mario and Khloe. Simon insists that he loves all four of them and hadn't even made up his mind as of five minutes ago. Of course he's sending Emblem3 through first, but they don't leave the stage without a lot of gladhanding of the front rows and I think maybe even a phone number or two. Simon takes a while to save the second act, which is Lyric 145. That leaves just girls on the stage to face the sing-off, which is not like Simon at all.

After the ad break, Mario's backstage with Lyric 145 and Emblem3, who don't get to do more than smile collectively into the camera before Mario sends it back out to Khloe onstage. Sister C is coming up first, and they're clearly still working on that likability thing, pouting out at the audience like they shouldn't be here. They've got their twang turned up to extra shrill, too, not putting enough emphasis on the harmonies that are their sole strength. Simon watches stone-faced, knowing damn well this is their last time. When they're done, L.A. says there have been some problems with song choice, but they got it right, and he especially likes the brunette one he calls "Middle C," because he hates their names as much as I do. Britney says she was pleasantly surprised, and Demi says she thinks their voices are phenomenal, and if they left it would be a mistake.

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