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Mario gives us a previouslies of the whole season thus far before saying, "And now it's time to meet the final twelve!" Is it, Mario? Is it really? After a mini-title sequence, Mario welcomes us to a special (read: filler) edition of The X Factor. Though he doesn't say so in quite as many words, Mario explains that we're going to be learning all about the top twelve. So basically we get a whole hour of intro reels? When did I sign up for this?

We're going category by category, so far in the same order as Tuesday night. So that means we're starting with Ellona Santiago, who is 17 and from San Lorenzo, California. She backstories that she was born in the Philippines, and then her family moved into a relative's garage here in the States. Her parents are hardworking and supportive, and helped her get through her humiliating elimination early in her run on the first season. The humiliating part, being, of course that she was a member of low-rent Mousketeers rip-off InTENsity. Then we get to rewatch her first audition, and her current mentor Demi interviewing about what a star she is. There's also a replay of her performance at the Four-Chair Challenge, and Tuesday night's live performance. You know, I get that the show was off the air for two weeks so someone thought it necessary to remind us who all these people are. But on the other hand, Tuesday night pretty much took care of that.

Rion Paige is the 13-year-old eighth-grader from Jacksonville, Florida, with the joint condition that causes her little hands to curve awkwardly. She's got a waitress mother, a construction worker father, and a four-year-old brother who, let's hope, will one day get into the habit of wearing a shirt at the dinner table. And she says she wants to be known as the girl with the voice, not the girl with the arms. Too bad she has both. She talks about the rush of getting four yeses from the judges at her first audition, which we see again before rewatching her Four-Chair Challenge performance and her song on Tuesday night's live show. I'm starting to see how this is going to go tonight. I'm thinking maybe I should just write one paragraph and copy it with different names for the rest of the hour.

The last of Demi's Girls is Khaya Cohe, the 16-year-old eleventh-grader from New York City. Mom is a midwife, dad works for the NYC Department of Education, and big brother is in college. We're reminded (not that I ever forgot) that she blew her first song at her initial audition and was allowed to take another crack at it. And then at the Four-Chair Challenge she briefly forgot the words to her song because she got distracted watching her own intro reel. Then she sounded better than ever on Tuesday, but looked pretty stiff. Demi warns us not to underestimate her. I'm not sure that's possible.

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