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L.A. reluctantly admits that he enjoyed it, adding that it was the best he's seen from Josh in a few weeks. Paula accuses Josh of attacking our souls, which I guess she means as a compliment. Simon agrees with L.A. that Josh is back, although I have to disagree with his assessment that Nicole is Cruella De Vil; she's actually rocking more of a Morticia Addams look tonight. Nicole herself talks about how Josh is so awesome for always doing something completely different from what she tells him to (which is why he's still in it, probably), and then goes off-script on Simon so hard that even he asks what the hell she's talking about.

Back from the break, Steve promises that the Pepsi commercial that the winner gets to star in as what's been hyped as fully half the prize will be "iconic." Okay, well now I'm interested.

L.A. ding-dongs Marcus Canty's last name again, and the second performances are getting intro reels this week. Marcus's is all about how he didn't want to go up against Rachel, and was shocked (along with the rest of America) when he survived last week. We also see Simon telling him he did well after last week's show. Marcus also talks about the support of his mom, even if that support does have an expiration date.

For his performance, Marcus travels back to the '80s, wearing one of Simon LeBon's old white suits as he sings "Careless Whisper." It starts out slow and subdued, but picks up with a dance beat and dancers and all the confetti they were saving for the finale.

Nicole calls the song "unexpected," "but I love that you did your thing on it. It just kept growing and growing." Dirty! Paula agrees that it all worked. Simon tells Marcus how awesome he is, but calls it "horrific," comparing it to a 1983 Vegas show. "You deserve better than that," he tells Marcus, blaming L.A. for making a joke out of it. L.A. doesn't bother to respond to Simon, just talking instead to Marcus about what a champion Marcus is. Out comes Steve to remind us and the world that this week all the judges' comments are "all redundant." So by all means, let's spend time on them instead of wrapping this thing up in an hour.

Steve comes back and reads some new Tweets, including one that says, "Sometimes the judges just spew out random drivel just because they have to say something." If only the truth of that remark wouldn't be obscured by the fact that it came from Twitter. "That's why I have to stop them sometimes, America," Steve says, like anyone ever complains about him doing so. Another Tweet dubs L.A. "L.A. Rude," who is about to agree with the first Tweet until Steve cuts him off, only to return the floor to "L.A. Rude" to introduce Chris.

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