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Who Let the Hogzz Out

Steve dismisses them from the stage, and Paula brings out the Stereo Hogzz. They come out in their latest unified sartorial theme with different variations, which in tonight's case seems to be waiter uniforms. Although these "save me" performances (as L.A. will be calling them later) are by necessity light on choreography, they stand in V formation and sing Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone." This one is pretty much on the shoulders of the lead singer, Trace, with the other guys serving as a glorified barbershop quartet, only not glorified. Shit, I'm starting to learn their names. Steve comes out and herds them stage right so Lakoda Rayne can come out and join them, and I guess now they all get to stand there awkwardly throughout the ensuing commercial break.

Coming back, the two groups are waiting for Steve to finish his spiel so they can hear from the judges. L.A. goes first, saying that both groups struggled, but Haley from Lakoda Rayne (the one brunette) pretty much blew the opening of their song, plus there's their whole identity crisis. L.A. thinks Stereo Hogzz was better tonight, but he hasn't always dug their song choices. Steve hurries L.A. along, and he finally says he's sending home the Stereo Hogzz. Which makes almost no sense, but whatever.

When it's Nicole's turn, she compliments Lakoda Rayne on their looks, then compliments the Hogzz on working so hard and all sorts of wonderful things, "But I have to go with my heart and I'm all about female empowerment," so she's voting to send home the Stereo Hogzz as well. Don't ask me to explain how a group whose hook is "four hot chicks" represents female empowerment, but then I wasn't ever in the Pussycat Dolls. I guess I underestimated the judges' commitment to their Frankengroups.

Steve lays it out for Paula, who is supposed to vote next: if she votes against Stereo Hogzz, they're done. Paula dabs at her eyes, and emotionally chokes out a flat refusal to vote, even when Steve pushes her. Simon protectively tells Steve she's not going to vote (and Paula grasps his arm gratefully), which tells us Simon's going to make it moot anyway: Steve says this means Simon has the deciding vote (which Simon must hate), and then it seems like Steve gets a signal from his hidden earpiece that if Paula abstains, it's an automatic loss for Stereo Hogzz. So I guess even Simon can't overrule two other judges by himself.

After another pause, Paula stammers that she wants to save the Stereo Hogzz, but she's not going to make a big speech about it. "I'm not gonna do this. I want the Stereo Hogzz to have this chance." Steve rather pushily restates that Paula's sending home Lakoda Rayne, then turns to Simon (who's kind of glaring up at him) and hurries him into making a decision. Simon...gets rid of the Stereo Hogzz.

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