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The hosts come back to flog tomorrow night's show, and Simon says he's praying this won't be the last time we hear Fifth Harmony. It totally will. They tell us the song Simon picked for them is impossible. No, I'm wrong, it's "Impossible," the song they did at Simon's house. We see them talking on the phone with Simon about the song, to which they're going to add some Spanish for some reason. Because America loves Spanish, right? I hate to say it, but this seems like asking for trouble. On the bright side, this may be the first time in months that an act could conceivably get away with forgetting lyrics. Camilla steals the show like in the early live shows, but they make the mistake of staying put on their individual pedestals throughout, and you know Demi's going to hate that. L.A. calls them out on a lazy song choice, doing something we've already heard from them. Britney says it was "pretty good," and would be surprised to see them here next week. Demi says that part of being the underdog means relying on their fan base for support, because it sure isn't coming from the judges' table. Simon of course maintains that they did the right thing, because Simon is never wrong. He insists they were one of the strongest acts of the night. I agree that they were in the top four, for sure. When the hosts join them on the stage, Mario thanks them in Spanish and cues up the recap montage. Which includes both songs from each act, even though it was supposedly the second song that was designed to get them to the finals. Mario gets to deliver the big mouthful opening the voting lines all by himself, with no help from Khloe, which is probably wise.

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