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However, Kelly says their hard work shows this week, and that they've improved a lot. Demi agrees that they did well and look like stars, and that this is her favorite performance by them. Paulina says something about the "complicity" between the group members, and agrees that they did better than last week, and there's nothing sexier than "guys like you two." Which is an interesting thing to say to a trio. Simon tells the others that the group chose the song, and appreciates their look, particularly Andrew's jacket-no-tie-three-shirt-buttons-open outfit, which frankly looks better on Andrew than it does on Simon. I wasn't expecting the judges to like them so much tonight. They were either a lot better than I thought this time or a lot worse than I thought last week.

Kelly introduces Jeff Gutt, who finally gets to address Simon's question from last week about why he hasn't made it yet. Not that he does. He does say his dad made a lot of sacrifices to help him succeed as a musician, which doesn't really answer the question as much as it accomplishes the opposite of that. At least his dad is the answer to the question of whom he's dedicating tonight's performance. We see him on FaceTime on the phone with his dad, who tells him how much they miss him at home, even as he turns out to be walking up behind him in person. Nice This Is Your Life moment. Greg tells us how proud he is that Jeff says he's doing this for his son, which I understand less every time someone says it. I mean, if this is really to give the kid a better life, there are a lot more reliable career paths than rock star. Anyway, for his song, Jeff is doing one of those songs you hear on these shows more than you hear them anywhere else: "Feelin' Good." He makes it his own, Gutting it out like he usually does, but less self-consciously while keeping it vocally solid.

Demi says she never expected him to sing this song, but he killed it. Paulina likes how it's a song from a film, whatever that has to do with anything. Simon calls it "absolutely fantastic," saying he loved everything about it, and that Jeff's a decent guy who deserves a break. His mentor Kelly says she can't wait to download it, too. Jeff humbly says he was glad Kelly helped him out with the song. At some point, though, he's going to need her to help out with babysitting.

"My only boy, the next amazing, is Josh Levy!" says Paulina, who still has two boys in the competition. You may recall that Josh had another great night last week, and only regrets that his grandmother couldn't be there. I think we all know where this is going. He's dedicating this to her, which his mom appreciates. And of course there's the bib moment when Grandma Barbara shows up behind Josh while he's supposedly just hanging out. For his song, Josh steps out of a fake stage door in a suit and fedora to sing "Treasure" by Bruno Mars. Which is only slightly more big band than "Life Is a Highway," but at least the horns jazz it up a little. He does well with the singing and dancing, without letting the dancing overwhelm anything. And he's having a wonderful time, clearly.

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