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No Pardons

Coming back from the ads, Mario gets an assist from his toddler, Gia Francesca, to wish us all Happy Thanksgiving. I have to give her credit, she's a lot less squirmy than my kid was at that age. Michael Bublé returns to sing another song, this one a more busted-ass carnival-sounding ditty. Nice of the big band to hang around for that. The judges give him a standing ovation, and then, after all the thanksgiving wishes from the contestants and their families, the judges wish us a Happy Thanksgiving all by themselves. They seem a little defensive about not having their families with them, though.

Mario sets us up for the final showdown, which is only as final as it usually is. Demi starts by saying Rion Paige deserves everything she's getting in the competition, except for the part about how she's in the bottom two. She sings a confident if occasionally pitchy version of "Perfect," and she seems to be feeling pretty good about it. But then as Mario sends us back to the ads, she seems to remember that she's up against another judges' favorite, so instead of happy she starts looking… determined. That chick has more than enough backbone to make up for the arms. Will it be enough against Josh Levi?

Interestingly, Paulina then introduces "the suave, the lover, the rico, Carlito Olivero!" Which is pretty embarrassing for everyone, because she was supposed to be introducing Josh Levi. Honestly, she had one job. Now Josh has to come out and pretend that didn't happen as he sings another Bruno Mars song, "When I Was Your Man." Like all save-me songs, it's about the vocal rather than production or choreography, and he matches up well against Rion. I honestly don't know what two of the judges are going to do now. Mario comes out and corrects that it's Josh who's singing for survival, not Carlito Olivero. :"Moving right along…" Okay, that was kind of awesome.

He gives Rion the chance to make her case first, and she passionately tells everyone that she wants to stay and show what she can do. As for Josh, he says more or less the same thing. Mario also mentions that he's already been booted from the competition once, and I'm sure Josh appreciates the reminder to everyone that he's already damaged goods. But Josh spins it well, saying he was brought back for a reason. Polling the judges, Mario starts with Rion's mentor Demi, who says she hates to have to do this on Thanksgiving, but votes out Josh. Paulina isn't cool with having to do this either, but she still takes forever making the obvious vote to keep Josh. Moving on to the impartial judges, Kelly prefaces her vote by talking about how great they both are. She says Rion really came out and fought for it, and that Josh needs to do the same if he stays. And with that, she votes to send home Rion.

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