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Tate's up next and his retro-reel goes back even further into the past, to his early childhood and his love of music, and moves right into how unlike the kids in the competition who want to win, he needs to win. Or else his family dies. Sorry, that's just how it is. He also brings back the song from his initial audition, "Anything Goes" (not the Cole Porter one), but it's bigger and more confident than before. Clearly he also came to win. "When you do right down the middle country you're right on," Britney says. Tate decides to take that as a compliment. Demi says it was a stadium performance and Simon agrees with her for once. He and L.A. both give Tate credit for not having changed who he is. And I guess to enforce that, there's the live uplink to Tate's old high school in Belton, where his construction boss hollers unintelligibly about not expecting him back and the mayor holds up a picture of Belton's water tower with Tate's name Photoshopped onto it. Believe it or not, Tate gets all choked up over the show of support.

Simon got to pick the "song of the season" for Fifth Harmony, "Anything Can Happen." They have a final mentoring session in which Simon claims to remember all of their individual first auditions and talks about how they're the underdogs and blah blah blah. They're doing not only the same song as last week, they're even bringing back everything else about the production, including the butterfly waiters. Only had time to rehearse two songs this week, did we Simon? Anyway, I already described it once last week, so I'm not going to do it again. L.A. tells Simon that he never thought they could work as a group when he first saw them, but he's shocked and says they're now the ones to beat. Britney calls it spectacular, girly and fun. Demi says she hopes America votes for them. Simon says they might not win, but sometimes he likes being the underdog and it would be amazing if they won. Yes, I agree that the conspiracy theories would be outstanding. There's some live messages of support for Ally from back in San Antonio, which she can't shut up about during or after. Mario promises surprises for the next round. We'll be the judge of how surprising it is, buddy.

Coming back, the hosts remind us about the whole Pepsi endorsement that's totally even better than the $5 million contract. Carly is reintroduced, with more promises for a huge surprise, which the hashtag on the screen reading #DivasDuet may or may not be a clue about. Carly begins singing "How Do I Live" and then stops so she can introduce LeeAnn Rimes. Well, I would have been surprised. As it is, we just have to be surprised at how very alarming the former teen star looks these days. Behold your future, Carly Rose Sonenclar. After they do their best to out-belt each other while pretending to enjoy themselves, the hosts come out and let them gush about how amazing it was for both of them. Britney gets to declare them "shockingly amazing," and that's all the judges' remarks for that performance. So does it not count then?

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