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For Tate's second performance, L.A. mentions another special guest and the hashtag is #TateTown. Sounds like a major downgrade from Tate Nation, unless you're aware that the song he's singing, "Pontoon," is by the country foursome Little Big Town, who come out and join him for the second verse. Ever done a duet with a four-piece band? Don't. Tate shouldn't have. It's so awkward that he actually looks uncomfortable on this stage for the first time ever. Or maybe I'm just projecting. L.A. however, lies that Tate seemed right at home. I thought he just looked like he was wishing he was there instead of here.

There's another plug for the 2013 auditions and then Simon reintroduces Fifth Harmony "with a very, very good friend of mine." And then the group starts singing "Give Your Heart a Break" again over the hashtag "Sixth Harmony," which is less of a clue to their celebrity duet partner than the long-distance shot of the stage revealing that Demi's chair is more vacant than usual. And since she's the one who originally recorded this song, I don't know why Camilla's mid-song intro of her is so overwhelmed and emotional and even disbelieving at the honor being bestowed upon her and her bandmates. But there's Demi singing with them, looking a little out of place in her work clothes and all. Simon loved it though, and he pops up for the standing ovation faster than I've ever seen him do on this show. Afterward, Demi tells the hosts that it was "so much fun" and the group says it was "amazing." Even Simon acts pained to tell Demi she was sensational and even invites her to join the group. And I thought the Tate Stevens thing was embarrassing.

For her third performance tonight, Carly is dressed as Cleopatra on a white-draped stage to sing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." I didn't know Britney was even aware of that song. It's pretty beautiful, though. L.A. correctly says she didn't oversing it, even though she found "the famous Carly Rose note," as always. He asks rhetorically if it was a $5 million-winning performance, but over the crowd noise, he decides to leave it up to America. Demi says she's always been impressed with her and Simon tells her she looked great and sounded great. "You've had a good night." Britney just tells Simon to get out his checkbook. Which, you know, he's going to do either way. But first we go back to Westchester. There's a lot of excited people there, including a little boy who keeps videobombing the shot by jumping up and down in front of the camera, and I can't even blame it on a communal sugar high because nobody appears to have touched those mysterious cupcakes.

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