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L.A. hearkens back to his "miniature meltdown" when he found out he had the Over 25 category, but didn't know how lucky he was to be mentoring Tate, who sings another country ballad, "Love You Like There's No Tomorrow," a song that Google autocomplete attributes to a good half-dozen other singers. Pick your favorite, I guess. It's a pretty straightforward production, with him alone on a stage that's bare of everything but a few inches of floor-fog. Britney tells him it was great, "But then again, I always enjoy what you do." Uh-huh. I'm not sure she even knows whom she's talking to. Demi says she's going to miss watching him perform on this stage. And Simon reiterates that Tate doesn't need to worry about his day job. Britney certainly doesn't. L.A. tells Tate to congratulate his family and then Khloe comes out with Mario to make him cry again by asking him to talk about what winning would mean. And then we go back to Belton, where his best friend hollers into the camera and a couple of blonde madwomen, one of whom has Tate's initials drawn on her face, add some incoherent expressions of support on their own behalf. I'm starting to see that Tate had no choice but to develop a strong singing voice coming up in Belton, because there's clearly not a decent microphone to be found in that entire town.

Simon claims to be sad about introducing Fifth Harmony for the last time, singing one of his favorite songs ever. That turns out to be "Let it Be," which Normani seems to have a little trouble finding the key for as she starts off. Like Carly before them, they make it rather churchy, but they add a bit of a beat at the end. Makes it current, I suppose. L.A. says it was beautiful and they've come so far, adding that they did the song a lot of justice. Britney basically echoes that. Demi also talks about how much they've evolved and Simon says that he really believes they deserve to win the competition. At least he admits he's biased, though. Then there's some more yelling from San Antonio, complete with Ally yelling back. I have a headache now.

After the recap clips of tonight's performances, all nine of them, Mario overexplains the dual phone numbers for each act and the various available voting methods while Khloe stands there taking up space. With some final shout-outs to Westchester, Belton and San Antonio (though fortunately, no more shouts back), Mario plugs tomorrow night's finale featuring Pitbull and One Direction and the crowning of the winner. Dammit, Simon's almost convinced me that Fifth Harmony might actually have a chance. I'll get over it soon, though.

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