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We're picking up from last night in the middle of the Four-Chair Challenge for Demi's category of the Girls. Though it's obvious that tonight's show and last night's were taped in the same session, given that everyone's dressed the same. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If nothing else, it's certainly fairer to the people who came to the taping and didn't have to go home on a cliffhanger.

19-year-old Simone Torres, the awkward one from Long Island, is starting off tonight's singing. We learn that she's a semi-professional semi-karaoke singer with her dad, so this is a bit of a step up for her. She still has the surprisingly big voice, but she's doing a version of "A Change is Gonna Come" that's so upbeat, it's barely recognizable. It has a couple of big moments, but Demi's watching her the way you watch the chicken that's going to be in your pot later. Paulina says she relates to Simone for how hard she's been working since childhood, which isn't really an endorsement. Simon wishes he could have stopped her from doing that song, calling the arrangement a joke. Kelly assures her that she still sang the hell out of it, which is not the same as saying it was a good idea. Demi is torn, saying she's not sure she sees a star. But as bad as Simone's artistic decisions were, she's still a better singer than Bree Randall, so that's whose seat Simone gets. Of course.

Simone is followed by another singer who billed herself as awkward, 15-year-old Danielle Geimer, who the show isn't calling Danie any more. Her back-up plan if this whole music thing doesn't work out is to be a neurosurgeon, so she may need a back-up plan for the back-up plan. She's going with a fairly straightforward, but quite lovely arrangement of "Georgia on My Mind" that has the judges riveted and the current final four trying to set fire to her with their eyes. Kelly says she sang her face off, and tells Demi that someone's going to have to get up. Simon like her shyness and humility at this particular pop moment, and Demi digs her too. She gives her a seat, so the question is who's about to lose theirs. Some of these people really need to work on their Oscar-loser faces, I'm telling you that right now. Demi ends up taking away Simone Torres's seat while it's still warm from Bree Randall's ass. So, ouch.

Rylie Brown is also a junior in high school, claiming that her hometown of Lee's Summit is small, which I suppose it is compared to Kansas City practically next door. She's the pageant girl who still has all her trophies, but she now claims that the pageants were just her excuse to get onstage and sing. Uh-huh. She does a country ballad that gives her a little trouble on the big high notes, but that didn't seem to hurt her at her first audition. Kelly isn't sure about the song choice or whether Rylie is ready. Simon remarks that everything about that performance seemed chosen by Rylie's mom, which is not a compliment. Demi says she looks beautiful and has a lot of potential, but it was pretty pageant-y. Which, you know, makes sense. But it also means that Rylie's the first Girl not to get a seat at all. Back to the pageant circuit for her.

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