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The Four-Chair Challenge Round #3

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Isaac Tauaefa is the 23-year-old bouncer from Corinth, Texas, who got turned on to music when a knee injury ended his football career. He interviews, "Having Paulina decide my fate for this next performance is so nerve-wracking." Is it because she seems a little crazy? I think she seems a little crazy. Actually, he says he didn't get the sense that Paulina remembered him, so he's going to have to get her attention somehow. But is singing a jazzy version of a Colbie Caillat song really the way to do that? I will say that she does seem quite focused on him at the moment his voice cracks on the bridge. Kelly says it was a bit karaoke and that he seems uncomfortable onstage, which is correct. Simon was expecting more, given what he remembers of Isaac's tone. Paulina pretty much agrees, and sends him home. Well, at least this way with seven singers to go and three chairs still empty, she's sparing everyone the stress of switching these people out later. And now I'm curious what happens if she gets to the point, where she has more empty chairs than singers who have yet to perform. Do they just automatically get chairs?

Carlos Guevara, the 16-year-old from Lexington, South Carolina with the knit hat and the Tourette's syndrome, is next. There's an inspirational little intro reel of him at home and bowling with his friends, and then he comes out to sing "Ain't No Sunshine." He's easily the best so far tonight… not that that's such a high bar this early on. But the judges are into it almost as much as he is, which is a lot. Kelly says he both gets lost in the music and nailed the performance. Simon likes his tone, even when he loses all control over it, but he also likes Carlos's story. Paulina dug the interpretation, but still acts like this is some hard decision when Mario asks what she wants to do. Carlos speaks for himself, saying that he felt sorry for himself when he was first diagnosed, until he realized that complaining only wastes time and all he wants is to be an inspiration. Oh, is that all? Finally, Paulina sends him over to one of the three empty seats. That wasn't exactly a nail-biter.

Another teenager is up: eighth-grader Stone Martin, 14, from Hartsville, South Carolina. He got his inspiration from going to a One Direction concert, and interviews that as much as he might dig the attention from the girls, he has to focus on what really matters, "now that I'm a pop star." He corrects himself quickly, but it's already out there. He also says he trusts Paulina, which may be an even bigger mistake. He comes out and sings a slow, emotional version of "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia that everyone loves. Kelly loves his tone, and Demi declares it "so much better than your first audition." Simon tells him to be less robotic, but says there's a market for a version of Stone with a little more "swag." The judges marvel at Simon using that term, Demi saying, "You know it's old when Simon says it." And then Paulina asks Stone if he can be like a male Taylor Swift. Does she think these are job interviews or something? Whatever the case, she tells him to take a seat. One chair is still open and five boys have yet to sing, so I guess any hope of this round being cut short and someone coasting in by default is over.

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