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The Four-Chair Challenge Round #3

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Chase Goehring is 17, from Nashville, and one of those people whose first audition we barely saw. In fact, we see more of it tonight, and that Simon cut off Chase's first song and put him in the position of singing one of his original songs. Which Paulina liked, lucky for him. Tonight he does something about airplanes that he either wrote himself or isn't very good, and he doesn't do a great job with it either. Kelly says she would have rather heard him sing something else that he wrote, so that answers that. Demi agrees that he seemed a little unnatural, and Simon puts him on the spot to ask him why he picked the song. "What the girls are saying is that we like you," he says, "but I almost wish we never heard that." Paulina gives him props for writing his own music and really liked his first audition. So I think we can all tell where this is going. But then she tells him to take a seat anyway, probably because the producers are pressuring her to amp up the drama with more switches later on. And I think we all know there's going to be at least one.

Tim Olstad from Winona, Minnesota is next. He cops to some confidence issues that arose from comparing himself to other singers, and we're reminded how very nervous he was at his first audition. Tim brings it tonight, with a slow-building version of "The Climb" that has Al Calderon looking nervous for the first time all night. Of course, this is the first Boy who's had to sing in front of four full chairs, too. Kelly says she can already hear his voice on the radio and that he should be proud of himself. Demi is nervous for Tim, because she doesn't want to see the competition without him. Simon recalls missing Tim's first audition, and asks who his influences are. "Josh Groban, somebody like that?" Tim mentions John Legend, which Simon doesn't get, saying Tim will appeal to an older audience. Paulina also loved the audition, but "I don't know whether it's special enough." Kelly acts shocked, as though Paulina hasn't been saying this to everyone. After a long pause, though, Paulina says Tim has a seat. For the first time tonight, it's a question of who has to give up his. Paulina feigns indecision and lets go… Stone Martin. Can she not see Chase sitting there? The other judges are frankly shocked, Simon in particular, but Paulina Rubio don't give a fuuuuuck. Way to make the 14-year-old cry.

Three Boy singers are left to compete for zero empty chairs, and Mario's off to the side with them to throw it to Carlito Olivero. That's the 24-year-old barista from Los Angeles, formerly Chicago. He cops to having a crush on Paulina, so I guess he's into the crazy ones. He Skypes with his supportive family back home, and then sings a total boy-band song with a voice that has more tone than control, and it's not entirely without control. Oh, and when he slips into Spanish for a few lines, it's obviously going to be a done deal. Kelly remarks on the girls in the audience being into him and his humility, but agrees with me that he needs a little more control. Simon liked his first audition better, but appreciates him embracing his "Spanish roots." Paulina also loves his voice and his attitude, and now it's time to start waiting for her decision. I'm not even going to predict what she's going to do, because she is only erratically sensical. Carlito talks to her in Spanish about being Latino and how there's no Latino in the American market. Wait, when did Enrique Iglesias die? And also, isn't Carlos Guevara sitting right there? Mario translates the first part for the audience (or for Paulina, who the hell knows), and Paulina gives him a seat. Carlito actually picks up Mario Lopez off his feet and twirls him around, which I think is pretty unprecedented. Put Slater down, dude! He goes down to thank Paulina before Mario calls him back up to wait for the switch. And he's going to have to wait through the break. Slater's revenge!

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