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The Four-Chair Challenge Round #4

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My Creation, Is It Real?

Wrapping up the Four-Chair Challenge stage of the competition is Roxxy Montana, the three daughters of two pastors who squeaked through their first audition. They've also taken the judges' remarks to heart and are deciding to do a lot more showcasing of the one who can sing, who unfortunately for the other two is also the charismatic one. Their version of "Man in the Mirror" is pretty solid, aside from a harmony tag right at the end that almost goes really well. The judges are impressed, including Simon, who says that while they haven't yet figured out who they are, "We could make you incredible." But are they better than Alex & Sierra? Mario asks for Simon's decision, and one of them talks about the sacrifices that they and their parents have made. Simon says the easy part and gives them a seat. As for whose place they're going to take, Simon claims that's the not so easy part. He looks at his three Frankengroups and Alex & Sierra, and tells Mario who he's not sending home: Alex & Sierra or Restless Road. Wow, I called that wrong. Instead, Simon turns out to have the good sense to get rid of Forever in Your Mind. So I guess that's their final group name after all.

And that's the final 16, and Mario tells us the first live show happens Tuesday, October 29th. Is that because the World Series is going to fill up the intervening time? If so, I think I just became a baseball fan.

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter, or just e-mail him at m.giant[at]gmail.com.

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