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They have a new graphic now to show which judge is "most popular" on Twitter, with silhouettes of the judges whose size indicates their share of the tweets. Simon has the lead at 53 percent, and also an obvious misconception that people only post on Twitter about things that are popular. Well, he just joined tonight, so he'll soon learn.

Steve asks Simon to introduce the final singer, even though there are still two left to go, but Simon would rather go on about his Twitter ranking before saying Drew will be singing a U2 song. The intro reel is partly about Drew's shocked reaction last week to L.A.'s lukewarm comments about the Drew Rut, and partly about how the teenage contestants (Drew, Rachel, and Astro) still have to go to "school," which of course is just three hours a day in a trailer with a "contestant teacher." Simon promises that they've nailed it this week, while L.A. gets a little catty about Drew always doing the same thing. Quit it, L.A., that's my job. But Simon promises a "very different Drew" this week.

Cut to Drew onstage, easing into a slow, creepy, minor-key version of "With or Without You." Well, the blue spotlights are new, at least. I keep expecting her to bust out and do something, but it's Drew through and through.

L.A. starts by complimenting her on the originality of her voice, but ambiguously says he still wants more. From behind a cloud of stage-smoke overspill that makes it look like her lap is on fire, Nicole cops to feeling frustrated at not seeing Drew bust out. And as much as I hate to agree with Simon, I might hate agreeing with Nicole even more. Paula reminds Drew that she has a big fan base, but she should take advantage of the themes to show some diversity. Simon just tells her to ignore the other judges because she has what it takes. And then Drew cuts Simon off to thank her fans. No, Drew, he said ignore the other judges.

One more singer to go, and L.A. talks up the rock credentials of the Janis Joplin song that Marcus Canty is singing. In the intro reel, L.A. talks about how great it is to work with a "PK" or preacher's kid like Marcus. The pastor is actually his aunt, and he Skypes with the Sunday School class. He's a little worried about all the half-dressed dancers L.A. is going to have onstage with him, and how that fits with his nice-boy, role-model image.

Well, it looks like he's going straight to hell. Seriously, L.A. has the stage all lit with flames, and when the dancers come out and form a line, Marcus lies on the floor and slides on his back between their legs. Sure, this is the week his aunt and his mom come to see the show. Marcus gets off the stage a bit during the sing to work the crowd and the camera, and maybe partly to get away from those dancers before he's both completely damned and thoroughly clap-ridden. He winds up back in the middle of them at the end of the song anyway, though.

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