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A Night at the Obscure Movies

Back from the break, Steve's up in the balcony to give his spiel reminding us about the importance of voting, and then it's time for the LeRoy Bell intro reel. He marvels over being on the red carpet at 60 (where Adam Sandler tells him he looks very young -- Id' say younger than Adam Sandler, even). Nicole says his song is from The Runaway Bride, by his favorite band. And it's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2. Really? Runaway Bride? I know it's going to be a stretch to call some of these songs "movie songs," per se, but wasn't this song in another movie called Rattle and Hum? This sounds like that version anyway, with gospel backup singers and a key change even thrown in for good measure while he sings in front of lights that look like a red version of the Matrix. L.A. says he was starting to get bored with LeRoy, but this was great. Paula says America has found what it's looking for in LeRoy. Simon adds that this was LeRoy's best performance by a mile, of course remembering to mention LeRoy's age (which is still 60, in case you needed an update). Nicole says LeRoy brought them all to a concert and to church, and back comes Steve with the talky-talky.

Tweet count: 3.8 million. I want to know how they're separating our version from the UK version. Paula finally gets to introduce one of her two remaining groups. Lakoda Rayne is singing a song from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But first, their intro reel reveals their amazement at getting to be back on the stage for another week, even after they had to perform last week looking like game pieces from the board game "Sorry." Cari from the group talks about her support back in Wall Township, NJ. I guess the other three are on their own. Paula, would you believe it, picked a "country-pop song" for them this week, apparently just to make L.A. crazy. They are indeed coming off like they're trying to be the Dixie Chicks with an extra blonde. I don't know the song they're singing, but they sound a lot better on the solos than in their harmonies during the chorus. I guess L.A. takes it as a country song, and tells them they're his favorite girl group in the competition. High praise indeed, given they're the last one. Nicole says she'd be awfully popular if she took them home with her to Kentucky. Well, every little bit helps. Simon says that after last week's "horror show," "you are the group I always hoped and prayed you'd become." Based on the title of the movie their song came from, he makes a lame joke about how fast Paula can lose a guy, which she turns around on him by pointing out how long she's been trying to lose Simon. Advantage: Abdul. Paula gives the girls a standing ovation, tells her she's proud of them, and sees them all over Pepsi ads in the future. Sure, if someone pastes photos of them up on the preexisting billboards.

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