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Stereo Hogzz are next, singing something from Get Smart. Paula says she was shocked to see them in the bottom two last week. The members themselves are also a little nervous. "At any moment, we could go home." Well, probably just the one moment of any given week. The sing they're singing is "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera, complete with a retro art-deco look, and Paula is not taking any chances with America not connecting with a group; while they sing, she's got close-up glamour-shots of them projected on the upstage Jumbotron next to their names. They sound good, but for a singing and dancing group, it seems like a little overkill to have them up there with a squad of pantsless dancers and a half-dozen backup singers. L.A. doesn't wait for the applause to subside before saying it was their "recovery week," but he didn't know the song. Which isn't exactly their fault. I don't know all the songs either but I don't blame the contestants. Nicole says it's her favorite performance of theirs yet. One of the Hogzz hijacks the mic for some shout-outs (apparently they're microphone Hogzz as well), and then Simon takes a dig at Nicole's shallow criticism, and tells the Hogzz they're "not performing the record you would make," whatever that means. He calls it a cabaret performance, so I think they're getting dinged by both male judges for doing a deliberately retro song. The Hogzz take the criticism well, but Paula disagrees and makes lead singer Trace step forward and take a bow, which isn't embarrassing for him at all. Fortunately Steve comes out to give the voting instructions before she can do that to all the rest of them too.

One last Over 30 to go. Nicole misses her cue, then flusteredly says Josh Kracjik will be singing a song from Across the Universe, which narrows it down to pretty much any Beatles song. We learn in the intro reel that Josh's mom is probably enjoying this even more than he is, and the burrito place back home is even selling a Kracjik burrito. Which I assume is like a regular burrito but with more grease. He's singing the Joe Cocker version of "With a Little Help from My Friends." The backup singers drag him down a bit, but he rocks out with his Cocker out, crazy-eyes and all. L.A. tells him well done, and Paula tells him his voice is chicken soup for the soul. Not a burrito? Simon liked the song, but tells him, as criticism against Josh's mentor's idea of staging "You were like Dracula and the brides up there." Nicole responds, "Don't hate, just congratulate." She adds, "Steven, don't you talk," and tells Josh he's ready for a five-million-dollar recording contract. With that, Steve steps in with the voting instructions.

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