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L.A. says, "This is Marcus Canty" in a completely unfamiliar tone. I almost said, "Who?" Marcus comes out and before he sings, he gives a little speech about giving us his heart and soul. Nice sentiment, but he'd probably do better giving us his voice. He stars weak, gets stronger, then his voice cracks on the high notes as well. And he's also singing another sad, desperate breakup song. There never seems to be any shortage of those on results night. L.A. tries to pull a Nicole, standing up and dancing while his contestant sings so everyone will think he's more awesome, but he can't really bring it off and ends up sitting down again. Probably best that way. After Marcus finishes, Steve and Drew come back out, Drew grasping Marcus's arm just as he steps over to Steve's other side in a way that makes it look like she pushed him away. I think I'll decide she did anyway, because it's funnier that way. Anyway, it's all over now but the... ads.

Coming back, Steve towers between a very serious-looking Drew and Marcus as he asks L.A. first who he's sending home. L.A. says he's always believed in Drew and compliments her walk during her performance. He also gives Marcus credit for working hard, and claims to be torn before taking his time to say he's sending home Drew. Steve skips over to Simon, because is vote is even less of a mystery than L.A.'s. He takes all the blame for Drew's current position, saying he did it all wrong last night, and begging Paula and Nicole to give Drew another chance. As much as he likes Marcus, this is his second time in the bottom two and he's sending him home. So now it's down to Nicole and Paula. Nicole pulls a totally fake weepy-face for half a second and gives Drew a slew of compliments before turning to Marcus and gushing with a little more sincere emotion about his heart and soul. Her vote is to send home Drew, who looks ready to collapse. Now it's down to Paula to either ditch Drew outright or leave it up to the votes. She reminds us what she said about the "save me" song beforehand, and since Drew didn't measure up, she's sending her home. Simon gets up from the table and paces around in a snit while Marcus hugs Drew so tight his hand-mic picks up her ugly-cry. Simon's joined them onstage, glaring out at the auditorium as Drew manages to collect herself enough to promise she'll keep going, with more different and upbeat stuff. Yeah, okay, Drew, I feel bad for your 14-year-old ass that's never going to duet with Justin Bieber now, but it's not like nobody gave you a chance to punch it up a little. It's been months, young lady. Simon's so pissed he refuses to speak into Steve's microphone, Rachel and Melanie snap their leashes and come out onstage to hug and cry with Drew, and Steve cues the Drew-montage, literally throwing his hands up in despair and saying, "Eh," while wandering ineffectually off upstage. Which right there is my favorite moment of this entire show ever.

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