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So Lakoda Rayne continues to exist, against all odds. Paula introduces her one remaining group in glowing terms. As a group, they had to come up with something they can all agree to be thankful for, so they're going with the people who shaped them. Dani (the Michelle Pfeiffer-looking one) has her dad who took them camping when the power was cut off (which she thinks is awesome, but as a dad myself I'm thinking, get your shit together you flighty asshole), Paige (the Tara Reid-looking one) has her skeezy-looking boyfriend who made her believe in herself, Hayley (the Ellen Page-looking one) has her dad who spent his restaurant start-up money on her music instead, and Cari (the tall, blonde Hillary Swank) has her supportive grandmother.

Paula has them onstage sitting in swings singing "You Belong with Me" by Taylor Swift. Hayley actually sounds pretty great on the prechorus. On the chorus, they hop down and split up, both choreographically and, alas, harmonically. The good news is that with the loser-stank of the groups category no longer hanging over them like an ID4 saucer, they're actually having a little fun.

L.A. compliments them on actually drumming up some excitement and Nicole says she thought she was watching them in concert, which I think is just about the most sensical compliment she can ever come up with. Simon says this was their best yet, despite the imperfect vocals, and adds, "I genuinely wish two people weren't going home tomorrow night." In other words, goodbye. Paula cries like she just won an Oscar as she tells them how proud she is. Voting instructions, and Steve says LeRoy is up next. Oh, are there people over 30 still on this show?

LeRoy's performance is going to be for his mom, who raised him and his five siblings and bought LeRoy his first guitar amp, back when they were first invented. LeRoy reveals that his mother passed away almost two years ago, and he was devastated. LeRoy's brother is also there to make this all more poignant, and LeRoy says his mom wanted him to follow his dream.

He sings "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, mostly perched on a stool, lit as though through venetian blinds. That is until the lights and the now-obligatory gospel choir comes up on the last chorus, along with LeRoy's skinny ass up off the stool.

L.A. tells LeRoy it was good, but not his best. Paula totally disagrees (as does the audience, loudly), yammering about connection some more. Simon says he has a lot of respect for L.A., but disagrees with him tonight and has nothing but compliments for LeRoy, for once. Nicole talks about what she wanted from this, and Steve comes out marveling about LeRoy finally winning Simon over. "It seemed like a song you were singing for your mum," Steve adds, as though just tuning in. Then he gives the voting instructions and says Astro is up next, clearly wishing he could come right out and promise another teenage tantrum.

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