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After some awkward banter between Mario and Khloe about which of the two of them is the bigger diva (they both agree it's Khloe), L.A. introduces his other remaining act in the competition, Vino Alan. We're reminded how he's in this to provide his son the kind of stability that can only come from being raised by an international pop superstar. We also see some old photos of Vino with the mother of his child during their four-year marriage, before he apparently left her to shave his head and get a shitload of tattoos. L.A.'s pushing him to do even better than last week's third-place finish, and is stretching the diva theme a bit by having him do "Let's Stay Together." Yes, Tina Turner covered that, but I think we're all going to be thinking about Al Green instead. He sounds pretty good, in fact. Britney says his voice is so soulful for someone who looks like him, and Demi agrees but says she was a little bored. That's the biggest word by far in Demi's word-cloud for tonight. Simon tells Vino that his voice is all about "the moment," and this song didn't have it, and that Vino's own choice would have served him better, not that anyone mentions what that would have been. L.A. jumps in and says they picked this one together, and Vino knows better than to disagree.

When the hosts come out, Khloe unwisely gives Vino a chance to appeal to America to vote for him, and he points out that the likes of Phil Collins, Huey Lewis, and Eminem probably didn't seem pop, so I think he's arguing that he might represent some new definition? All I know is I don't think that quadruple bill would sell a lot of tickets. Khloe blows her speech after that and says something I don't think she meant to say. Please don't ask me to transcribe it.

Before introducing Emblem3, Simon tells us that they rescued some drowning kittens from a lake earlier this week. I'm sure they threw the kittens in themselves so they could have an excuse to take their shirts off. We learn see their reaction last week to ending up in lowly sixth place and meet the father of two of them, who somehow looks like a middle-aged version of all three of them. They're doing "No One" by Alicia Keys, making it sound like Jason Mraz Joins a Boy Band, with minimal choreography and relying mostly on the vocals and Drew's arms. L.A. gushes that was the perfect vocal blend and the perfect song and they're what the show needs. "I totally get why the girls are swooned by you," Britney says. Demi seems to have gotten over her crush enough to speak to them coherently, saying it's a big improvement since last week. Simon maintains there's no way they should have been in seventh place last week (not that anyone corrects him that they were actually in sixth), but he's expecting better this week. Yes, the fangirls got a scare and won't be caught flatfooted again.

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