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CeCe Frey gets to wrap it up tonight, after the show raised my hopes that maybe she'd been forgotten. After being in last week's top two, she sobbed to Jennel in the mansion about how she couldn't go home because her mom's at home. Well, she doesn't exactly say that, but it doesn't take too much editing to make it so she did. CeCe claims that her friends and family aren't here because of the cost of travel, and not because nobody wants to be around her. She goes out onstage and whines "All By Myself," saving most of her voice for the big note near the end. L.A. can't think of anything to say other than it was better than last week and "I don't like... your dress." "Hater!" Demi blares down the table at him. "Sorry that she was better than your Vino." L.A. thinks CeCe will be in the bottom again this week. Britney tells CeCe, "Sorry, I just don't get it." L.A. dares Demi to say something to Britney now, like it's nice to talk back to a woman on the edge. Simon says it was too cabaret and she would have been better off singing it literally all by herself, with no one in the room. "For whatever reason, you're not getting it right together, you two," he tells CeCe and Demi both. Demi insists that CeCe nailed it and they're being too hard on her. I think I can figure out exactly where Demi went wrong with CeCe, and it was when she gave her Jillian Jensen's spot.

Mario and Khloe come out to open the lines for voting and introduce the clips of tonight's performance, which sound a lot like they did earlier. And I know we heard earlier that there will be two acts going home tomorrow night, but I'm not sure that's enough.

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