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It's Thanksgiving week again, so like last year, the finalists are telling us who in their lives they're thankful for. Tate's giving thanks to his dad, Diamond to his mom, Arin to his older brother Aris, CeCe to her late sister Kelsey, Fifth Harmony to God, Beatrice to her younger sisters, Emblem3 to "two people who've been very impactful in our lives," (but not impactful enough to make them stop saying things like "impactful"), Vino to the U.S. military, Paige to the person who took her in, and Carly to her older brother. So the good news is that there's only ten acts left as of tonight. That's what I'm thankful for.

Mario and Khloe come out onstage, and the camera picks out more Kardashian and Kardashian-adjacents in the audience before the hosts tell us that it's going to be another double elimination this week. Something else to be grateful for. They pop the leaderboard up on the screen, and Mario asks who's going to remember this Thanksgiving as the week they topped it, and who's going to be too forever scarred by tomorrow's crushing defeat to be able tolerate the holiday ever again. Though not quite in those words. The mentors and their acts are brought out on stage with all the noisy fanfare usually reserved for people we didn't just see all together six days ago. Then Mario and Khloe ask L.A. to introduce his first act of the night. L.A., who clearly wasn't paying attention, quickly blurts out Tate's name. The intro reel is all about Tate's father, who apparently emulated his dad in more ways than one, right down to loving music but giving it up to earn a living for the family. Except that when Tate's dad was Tate's age, all the people who were singing on TV were already famous -- the opposite of today -- so something like this wouldn't have been an option for him. Tate comes out and sings an emotional version of "Already There," surrounded by a blitzkrieg of klieg lights, both real and projected. Of course Tate's always emotional, even when he's not singing. When he's done, Britney goes first, saying L.A.'s doing a great job with him. Demi agrees, and says that although this wasn't his best, it was still incredible. Simon agrees with Demi, saying Tate's voice broke a few times, but "Does that mean you're going home? Not a cat in Hell's chance." L.A. says Tate's fantastic, and Khloe adds that she thinks Tate sings with a lot of emotion. Because we all care what Khloe Kardashian-Odom thinks.

Britney introduces Diamond White, who is singing "Because You Loved Me" for her mom, Deborah. Apparently her dad was absent, and she gave up on him when she was about seven and has seen her mom as her only parent ever since. And then her mom apparently almost died of scoliosis somehow a few years ago, which I didn't even know was possible. Diamond performs her song on an island in a mist-covered stage, keeping it pretty simple and doing a good enough job that L.A. and Demi both look blown away as well. In fact, all the non-Simon judges give her a standing ovation. L.A. says she's had some amazing moments on this stage, but never one like this. "You are the truth," he says, which is like his biggest compliment. Demi is choked up talking about how much the song means to her. Simon tells her she's both "fearless and incredible," and he believed every word of the song. Britney: "It was really beautiful, sweetie." Well, at least one of the two of them is trying. Khloe comes out and comments to Diamond about how her mom is "crying hysterically." Which she's not, and you'd think a Kardashian would have a better idea of what that looks like.

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