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L.A. introduces Vino, who will be doing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling." For a guy who looks so alternative, he spends a lot of time in the middle of the road. Also, I hate to do this to you because it drives me crazy when someone points out something I can't ever unsee, but I've just realized that Vino looks like a bald, tattooed Tommy Lee Jones when he smiles. Anyway, Vino's happy about being solidly in third place throughout, but L.A. doesn't appreciate his complacency -- which may have contributed to his last-minute decision to switch him from "If You Don't Know Me By Now" after a lackluster rehearsal. And then... commercial. So I guess the songs aren't the only thing being expanded after all.

Vino comes right out after the ads, hatless for once, but making up for it by hunching his head right down into his shoulders. He looks really uncomfortable, at least until a brief, ill-advised reggae breakdown in the middle. Also, it's not really working for his voice. I think L.A. might have finally cracked him out of third place, but in the wrong direction. Britney tells him he keeps doing the same thing every week and needs to change it up. Demi agrees. Simon, who was staring daggers at him during the performance, says he has a great singing voice and there are a lot of songs he can do a great job with, but this wasn't one of them. He tells L.A. he took a risk and it didn't work. L.A. just chuckles that he completely disagrees and that the other judges are just threatened by Vino. Nice try, L.A. Khloe reminds L.A. that he said in the clip that he'd take full responsibility for the song change, which L.A. does, but without admitting that it didn't work out so well. Mario asks Britney to expound on what she'd like to see different from Vino, and she says she wants something more up-tempo from him. "'Oops, I Did it Again,'" L.A. cracks into a dead mic. Well, there's always next week for Vino... unless there isn't.

When we come back, Mario has thrown Khloe to the audience, where a girl boasts about having voted for Tate Stevens 157 times last week (oh, so she's the one), a young guy man kvells about CeCe and Demi and a couple of girls yell out the names of Carly Rose and Emblem3. Thanks for that moment of vox populi, Khloe.

Paige talks in her intro reel about how she wants to do more dancing. When she tells Demi about this, her mentor correctly points out that big production numbers tend to end up netting her a low ranking, whereas last week's stripped-down, vulnerable performance got her in... sixth! Paige isn't trying to hear that, so Demi's like, "It's your funeral." So for her performance, Paige splits the difference, doing roughly the same thing Diamond did, but with "Never Gonna Give You Up" and not nearly as well. She skips the dancers, and the beat -- when it kicks in -- is rather more muted, so it's still mostly just her out there on her own. And thus we get to hear that she's not such a great singer after all. Thanks for clearing that up, Paige. Oh, but here are the dancers coming out at the very end. Too late. L.A. says this was her best performance yet, so maybe Paige has been worse than I thought up until now. Britney says it was a risk, but it worked. Simon starts by asking who picked the outfit. "Kind of everyone," Paige says. Simon's asking because he thinks it was the first time she's looked and sounded like a legitimate pop star (although he was clearly going to run down a whole litany of aspects of the performance and was expecting Paige to let him tick all of them off under her name), and he tweaks Demi by saying Paige needs to make more of her own decisions. Demi tries to claim some of the credit while Simon interrupts, but the narrative's out there and the hosts help push it when they join Paige. Who actually looks happier than she has in weeks.

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