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It's Tate's turn, and he tells his wife backstage how humbled he was at being bumped from number one to number two last week, while she looks at him like this is just another example of his peaking early. He tells us that he can't go back to all the hard work and all the bills waiting for him back in Belton, Missouri if he blows this. He admits to L.A. that Carly Rose seemed like number one last week, and L.A. tells him to switch it up. So Tate comes out onstage with a full country band -- banjo and all -- to sing "Somebody Like You" (no, not another Adele song). He's wearing an acoustic guitar with a monogrammed strap that I think I might have caught him actually strumming a time or two, but he looks like he's actually having a good time out there for once. Backstage, even his wife smiles. Britney tells him we'll see him accept a Country Music Award one day. If we watched that show, maybe. Demi likes how he dedicates all his songs to his wife, and she hopes someone loves her that much someday. Plus she felt like she was at a barbecue back in Texas. "I think that might be a bit of a tall order, actually," Simon snarks at Demi, because he can't resist a dickish comment when it's that easy. Turning to Tate, Simon starts with the bad news: "Don't dance." Other than that he liked it a lot, saying that he and Tate have likability in common. L.A. corrects that Tate is lovable. When the hosts come out, Khloe can't get Tate to two-step because he has his orders from Simon. So Simon is clearly not only liked but feared.

After the break, Mario's up in the control room, which means a lengthy pitch for the X Factor app that goes longer than it takes me to type this. Back to Khloe onstage, who throws it to Demi to introduce CeCe. In her intro reel, CeCe accuses, "I gave 110% and you guys still put me in the bottom two." Yeah, but 110% of a bad thing is still bad, sweetie. CeCe determines to sit down and work out with Demi what's gone wrong, and Demi basically tells her, "Uh, sing better." CeCe's like, "Yeah, but what can I do different?" So that cues a series of clips of her in rehearsal, flailing desperately. She's singing "Lady Marmalade" on a headache-inducing set, looking awkward and bored through what passes for her choreography even though the one thing everybody apparently wanted from her all week -- apart from better singing -- is that old fire in her eyes. That wasn't fire, you guys, that was LEDs. At some point it ends, and L.A. tells her she's going down fighting, emphasizing the part where she is going down. "I hate to say this, but I actually enjoyed that circus," he admits. Britney says it's a tough week, but CeCe has stepped it up like everyone else. Simon says the performance made it feel like he'd had 62 helpings of chocolate cake, what with all the distractions and sensory overload. Maybe stop making the flirty-faces at him when he's saying that, CeCe. Demi insists that she came out swinging and she's proud of her, because it's not like she's much more likely to win this thing with Paige. CeCe makes it to the break with a smile on, even though Simon told her to pack a suitcase. I've been wanting her to do that for months.

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