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Britney gets to introduce her mistake from last week that was so egregious she earned an automatic do-over, Diamond White. In her intro reel, Diamond says her elimination was the worst day of her life. She cried through what she thought was her last interview, and then got the call from Britney -- on camera -- telling her she was the one who was too good to let go. So now she's back, singing "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. She must have been brought back in just the last couple of days, because the production is pretty much limited to a light show and the white suit that's wearing her. As for her singing, she's clearly got something to prove, and I'd say she proved it. L.A. says it was an ambitious song choice, but she "brought it home." Demi confesses to being near tears and doesn't have much else to add, and Simon says he's so happy she's back. Britney tells her that Whitney would be very proud. Hard to say how long it will be until Britney gets to ask Whitney herself.

Demi introduces CeCe Frey, who does her best in her intro reel to make her rural upbringing in Decatur, IL seem desperate and hardscrabble. She says she's going to be doing "'Eye of the Tiger' from the movie Rocky," which is not entirely accurate, but maybe Simon is reserving all uses of the number three for his boy band for the duration of the competition. She comes out with her hair extra tall and featuring the not-so-triumphant return of the leopard spots, which are now spreading all the way back into her hair. And not sounding great, to be honest. L.A. basically says it was less than the sum of its parts, Britney makes a vague compliment, and Simon complains that "anything recognizable about you from the beginning has been thrown away and this song choice was just horrible." So clearly Simon's targeting Demi this week instead of L.A. Or maybe he's just pissed that CeCe's finally been given access to pants. In response to Simon, Demi asks CeCe if she wanted to do this song, and CeCe sticks with her mentor. When the hosts come out, Mario wants to settle a lingering question once and for all: how does CeCe pronounce her last name? It's "Fry," as it turns out, and when Mario says it's like "French fry," she rolls her eyes and says, "Never heard that one before." Still working on that likability thing, I see.

Britney introduces Carly Rose Sonenclar. There's some old home video of Carly singing at home when she was two and looked exactly the same only shorter, and her brother pretended to judge her as Simon. Nobody mentions that this would have been when Simon was on some other show. She and Britney promise a conscious departure from the overproduced mess they perpetrated last week, and indeed, while both she and the stage are overdressed, her performance of "It Will Rain" is straightforward and really vocally strong, enough to move at least one person to tears. It's Carly, but still. L.A. gushes that he loved it and he loves her, and Demi says this is Carly in her element as opposed to last week, with Simon completely agreeing. "You've got real guts for someone your age," he adds, and tells her she's a star in the making. And Britney finally says something that's specific to a performance she just saw, which is that Carly should have closed the show because nobody can follow that. Good thing commercials exist.

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