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Kelly gets to introduce her one remaining act, Jeff Gutt. We're reminded that he got a standing ovation from Simon last week, which is much less depressing than the hometown support segment because his hometown is Detroit. For diva week, Kelly is saddling him with a Mariah Carey song. Jeff points out that it's the opposite of who he is, but he's gotta do what he's gotta do. And this week, that's "Without You," which at least has the Harry Nilsson version predating Mariah's. Jeff's version is nothing like either of those, though, with slashing 80s power-ballad guitars and his own poor man's Jon Bon Jovi mode of vocal delivery. Also, the staging makes it look like two lighting grids are trying to abduct him. The crowd loves it, though, forcing Demi to wait for a while before getting to speak. Demi tells him that his niece is obsessed with him, which I'm sure he appreciates. Paulina acknowledges that he doesn't appreciate what she said last week -- as though anyone can remember how she strings words together -- and tells him tonight that she wants to see some blood next time. Simon figures that means she wants Jeff to stab himself, and he may be right. Simon says, not rudely (he claims) that Jeff's pretty boring as a person, but transforms when he comes onstage. Thanks? "And Jeff, do not cut yourself next week." Kelly agrees and tells Jeff to keep giving great performances like that. "Great comments, minus the violence," Mario observes helpfully.

After the ads, Mario calls Simon a diva before letting Demi introduce Ellona Santiago. She's still feeling good about last week's performance and the support from her hometown and her baby niece, Adele, who spent some time rehearsing with her. Demi apparently thinks that having her do an Adele song would be a little too on the nose, so she has her doing a Lady Gaga song instead. Ellona's version of "Applause" has her starting out slow, at the top of a set of theater steps, and includes more stripping and some backup dancers impersonating paparazzi (wrong Lady Gaga song, Demi). Eventually it works its way up to its full-on dance number incarnation as Ellona works her way down the stairs and all the way to Simon at the judges' table, flinging her ponytail at him. He looks mildly amused. Kelly is aware that she keeps saying every performance is one of Ellona's best, but warns her to take control of the big diva-notes at the end. Paulina tells Ellona to listen to her and "listen to me, mama," and how Ellona is… Ellona. Do you think the contestants ever wish they could fast-forward her? Simon tells her she's gone from a mouse to a tiger over the past few weeks and prefers her version of the song to the original. High praise, indeed. Demi tells Simon that was actually cool of him for once and tells Ellona that America should vote for her because she deserves it. Mario lets Ellona grub for votes on her own behalf, which she willingly does.

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