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Mario invites us to vote for what songs the semifinalists will sing next week, as though the results of any such vote will be any more interesting than what usually happens. Simon tells us that he's dedicating the next song to "the gorgeous Kelly Rowland," because Alex & Sierra are doing a Destiny's Child song. And, you know, Kelly was in Destiny's Child… in case you hadn't heard. In the intro reel, Sierra is feeling good about last week and after Alex's hometown viewing party footage, we see them having date night at a restaurant called "Pho Shizzle," which is my favorite part of this entire episode. Sierra's hometown story is a little more complicated, her mom being a Vietnamese refugee and all. Simon assures us that this is going to be a different version from the original. From Alex & Sierra? The hell you say! Sure enough, they do "Say My Name" all slow and sultry like they do almost everything. Lucky for them, Kelly seems into it. She has to wait through quite an ovation before getting to say she wasn't ready for it, but they really pulled it off. Demi promises to be "completely honest, just for a second," before telling Sierra that she's come out of her shell. I don't know if we need to bother with what she says after that, because her second of honesty is up. Paulina's a fan, still, and continues to compare them to Sonny and Cher. Simon seems relieved when she finally stops talking, and says he has the feeling that they're winners and there isn't anyone like them in the market. Not that he has any bias at all.

Paulina gets to introduce Carlito Olivero again and this time, unlike last Thursday, Carlito is actually the one singing. His hometown is Chicago, which isn't exactly the small town some of the others are from. Paulina had him over to her house to work on a Celia Cruz song for the diva round. But then she decides that it's the wrong song for him, and doesn't tell him until the next day what she's decided on instead. She's going to give that kid an ulcer, I swear to God. He comes out dressed like a late-night lounge singer in an over-belted vest to do "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez. Was there a sub-clause in the theme stating that half the acts had to do more obscure songs by big singers? Kelly thinks this one fell flat, compared to last week and still thinks he's trying too hard. Carlito points out that he learned the song in less than 24 hours. He says he's not making excuses, which doesn't change the fact that he's making excuses. Demi tells him he needs to connect with the girls like he did last week, because that's his thing. Simon comes to Carlito's defense, saying he'd hate to see him leave the competition and telling him to nail the second song. Paulina just has nothing but positive things to say, including something that sounds like "oily nose." Simon asks for clarification on that, but Mario's got to throw it to ads before we get to find out what the fuck she was babbling about. And we never will, either.

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