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Forget She Not
Wilson took Sara in, knowing that if she went to a shelter with her diabetes, she would have been put down for sure. House would prefer it if Sara did die, and says it's not too late to throw Sara in a river. For some reason, Wilson does not agree to this.

Back at PPTH, Martha is still curious about Nadia and perhaps even a little bit jealous of her abilities. She asks if Nadia uses any memory tricks. Yeah, Martha. Nadia can remember every single second of every day because she has like three million mnemonic devices. Come on. Nadia says she doesn't even try to remember anything -- "it's just there." She then wonders if this Parkinson's will take that away from her. Foreman says it probably will. Nadia says she's going to hope it's something else, like cancer. Foreman frowns as if it's odd to prefer cancer to a terminal and degenerative disease. And then, some woman walks in with a bouquet of flowers. She introduces herself as Nadia's older sister, saying she found out what happened to Nadia because her boss called her. There is obviously some tension between the sisters, but Nadia's sister, Elena, says she brought daisies because they're Nadia's favorite flower. Nadia snaps that they most certainly are not. In fact, she's hated daisies ever since she was stung in the face six times after sticking it in an apparently bee-ridden field of daisies. I'm sorry, but that's kind of funny. Stung on the face six times! How does that even happen? Once when I was a kid, I got stung on the butt and I knew that, as much as it hurt, it was still kind of funny that I got stung on the butt. Too bad Nadia doesn't have a perfect sense of humor to go along with her perfect memory. Also, way to hold stuff beyond the daisies' control against them. It's not like the daisies stung her. Nor did her sister bring her a bouquet of bees, so chill out, Nadia. But she doesn't. Instead, her heart races dangerously. I'm sure that's the daisies' fault too.

After the break, Chase says Nadia's heart problems rule out their Parkinson's diagnosis. Well, that's good news. But House only wants to know if Martha would ever sleep with a man who owned a cat, providing that she ever does lose her virginity. Martha says she would, figuring it's pointless to be appalled by or refuse to answer the question at this point. House says she would not, and she's a slut. Martha is used to this treatment by now. I don't feel sorry for her; she had her chance to quit last week. House asks the guys if any of them have ever owned a cat. They have not. House asks if they've ever had sex. They have. House's point is proven, even though no one else in the room really knows or cares what his point is. Oh, wait, no -- Martha does want to know, and asks him about it after suggesting that Nadia's heart is at the root of all of her problems. House refuses to tell her while asking her to tell him more about her theory. Martha says Nadia's heart problems only began when she was under the stress of seeing her sister. House says they'll have to try stressing Nadia out again to see if it causes another arrhythmia. Instead of sticking her on a treadmill like usual, though, House suggests they stick her in a room with her stressful sister. And then he and Martha have a weird staring contest for like a minute while they wait for the scene to end.

House confronts Cuddy, accusing her of lying to him about Wilson's cat. Cuddy says she never lied -- she simply said she didn't know anything about Wilson having a friend named Sara. Sara is a cat, and everyone knows that cats are friends to no one. Cuddy doesn't think it's a big deal that Wilson has a cat, but House claims that after Wilson's second divorce, he got a three-legged Siamese cat and turned all weird and anti-social until one of his windows was left "suspiciously open" and the cat got out, thus breaking its spell over Wilson. Cuddy warns House to leave both Wilson and Sara alone. House has no intention of doing this.

Elena hovers over her sister, who is strapped down on some medical evaluating table thing. Elena apologizes for giving her daisies, saying she always forgets if Nadia loves them or hates them. Nadia says she can tell her exactly how many times she's reminded her, apparently still not realizing that not everyone has a memory like hers and so mistakes will be made. In the booth, Chase says Nadia's heart rate isn't moving, so Martha will have to go out and try to start a fight between the sisters. Martha doesn't want to, but Chase says she'll be able to tell the truth while at the same time help their patient's medical needs. Martha can't resist an opportunity like that, so she walks out and immediately starts talking about the time Elena totally ran Nadia over in her car. Nadia can see it all like it was five seconds ago, of course (although... didn't they say her perfect memory started at puberty? And she was hit when she was a child? I guess being hit by a car isn't something you forget, though). Elena is all mad at her for telling her doctors about that at all, but Nadia says they asked her if she had any broken bones. Elena quickly says that she totally checked her mirrors before backing out. I think someone's being a little bit too defensive. Nadia, on the other hand, thinks Elena "didn't care enough" to check those mirrors, much like she "didn't care" and ruined Nadia's 23rd birthday. And, Nadia says, Elena is only "acting" like she cares about Nadia by visiting her now. How can Nadia have a perfect memory and not realize how unfair she's being to her sister? I mean, yeah, Elena ran her over, but sisters run each over with things all the time. I'm pretty sure I ran my little brother over with a bike at least five times growing up. Not a car, though, because unlike Elena, I always check my mirrors. Anyway, Martha's mission is soon accomplished as the stress causes Nadia's heart rate to rise again. Martha tells Elena to leave the room. Nadia screams it to her.

Foreman meets Taub in his hotel room for a study session. He has a practice test waiting for Taub, who would rather watch The Usual Suspects on his hotel's video-on-demand service. Foreman accuses him of being "nothing but excuses and distractions." Taub says that goes well with Foreman's "condescension and superiority." Foreman decides that he's sick of trying to help Taub and takes off, making sure to ruin the surprise ending of The Usual Suspects while he's at it. So mean! I guess the writers are sick of Bryan Singer, who directed Suspects, getting an executive producer credit on this show despite probably having nothing to do with it since, like, that season one episode where he had a cameo.

Martha tracks down Elena, who asks about her sister. Martha says Nadia is on a beta blocker that should control her heart rate. Elena says Nadia banned her from her hospital room. Really? Then why is Elena still there? She's done her time. Nadia isn't worth this. "She can be such a bitch," Elena says; "she never ever ever lets anything go." Well, that's not exactly her fault, Elena. But this time, Martha knows, it wasn't Nadia or Elena's fault. It was Martha's for starting their fight. She feels compelled to tell Elena the truth. Elena doesn't take the news well. She knows that it doesn't matter who started their fight; in the end, that fight is what Nadia will remember in perfect detail and hold over her sister's head. "You're both bitches," Elena says. She walks away, leaving Martha to try not to cry in the hallway. Chase distracts her by calling her into Nadia's room to smell her breath. It smells like ammonia, and that means either Nadia just ate a slice of ammonia pie or her kidneys are shutting down.

The Cottages are hard at work coming up with new diagnoses. House isn't, as he'd rather toss a bunch of insurance forms in front of Foreman, the new foreman of the Foreman department of insurance forms. Yes, Chase tattled on Foreman for giving up on tutoring Taub. Taub and Foreman can't believe it. "He asked!" Chase says. "You're worse than Masters," Taub says. "How is this my fault?" Martha asks, now involved. House says F

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