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Forget She Not
ly feeling better. Chase stops by to visit and to offer her some help: a bottle of anti-depressants that may treat her OCD. She'll lose her super memory, but gain a relationship with her sister. Nadia doesn't like this idea one bit, saying her memory makes her special. Chase says that may be true, but it's also made her lonely. And a waitress, so, how special is she really? Not that waitresses aren't special, but it's not like she was using her memory to truly benefit humanity or anything.

Wilson returns home to find a small white mouse in the foyer. He freaks out and grabs a frying pan, his first inclination apparently to savagely kill the cute little pest. House suddenly appears, holding Sara, and tells Wilson to lay off the mice, which are a present for Sara. He claims they aren't even poisoned. With that, he puts Sara down and grabs some ragweed out of its hiding place in Wilson's kitchen and throws it out the window. For a few seconds, he leaves the window open and invites Sara to walk out of it, but she does not. House has to settle for hearing the dirty details of Wilson's hook up with "Java the Slut," but, while Wilson winds up to talk a good game, he suddenly admits that he didn't get anywhere with her. He just walked her to her car and said good night. House is so disappointed. Wilson says he just needs more time to get back into the dating game. House gives him ten days. Sara helps herself to a mouse dinner.

Music montage! Elena cries in bed, thinking of how she just gave up a kidney to someone who can't even look at her. Nadia stares at the bottle of pills. Also, her water cup's seam is off-center, so I guess she doesn't have OCD that bad after all. She decides to take them.

Taub and Foreman drink beers and play videogames.

Wilson cuddles Sara in bed. Aw.

House sort of cuddles with Cuddy. Meh.

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