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Nothing Left To Suck
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Amongst the ever-present storm clouds and snakes, Libertad sans Brenda return to camp on Night 27. The other Kelly has something to say about this, sort of "tonight was wild," she whispers to NaOnka, who agrees. The other Kelly asks who she voted for, and NaOnka truthfully says Brenda, although she claims it was only because of the things Brenda said about her at Tribal. The other Kelly interviews for like the second or third time this season to say that Brenda's boot "completely screwed [her] over" and she was "completely left in the dark" and that sucks. "I have no idea what to expect from here on out," she tells NaOnka and Sash, like anyone in this game ever knows what's going on, ever. That's the point. Although I guess she wouldn't know that since she probably never watched the show before anyway. The other Kelly says that she is now at the "bottom of the totem pole" of any alliance she "wants to be a part of," apparently assuming that the alliances would want her to be a part of them.

Meanwhile, Holly confers with NaOnka about Brenda's behavior at Tribal, telling her not to be upset about it because it only showed Holly that she can trust NaOnka that much more. Oh, you mean like how Brenda trusted NaOnka? Because that didn't work out so well for Brenda. In an incredibly unflattering night vision interview, NaOnka says that Brenda "literally" threw her under the bus and ran her over with it several times. If only. Actually, I'd like it if a bus literally ran over NaOnka's leg so it had to be amputated and then she had to have prosthesis but she never got a chance to actually use it because it kept getting thrown in the fire. "And then [Brenda] had the nerve to write my name down!" NaOnka says, apparently forgetting that she had the nerve to write Brenda's name down first and that was why Brenda wrote her name down at all. "Bitch, you made me look good!" NaOnka says, as if that was possible at this point. NaOnka says she isn't afraid of anyone here, and that everyone should actually be afraid of her and the words she uses when she tells people off. Does she really think she's good at arguing? Because it seems to me that she only "wins" because people don't want to talk to her anymore. Chase is almost as delusional as NaOnka and says that he, she, Holly, and Jane need to stick together until the end. They want to get Sash and the other Kelly out first, but Sash will be difficult since he has the idol. "Blindside him," NaOnka says. Chase just stares into space like a dumbass. He interviews that he wants to get rid of the other Kelly, Sash, and Jud (apparently Ben and Dan don't exist?) but has no confidence that things will go as he plans anymore.

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