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How lovely to be a woman

Lake Homoerotica. Happy Music. Finn brings up Matthew Arnold's poem Self-Dependence. He asks what Will thinks about the trip he takes across the sea. "Why was he going?" "He was frustrated, right?" Will asks. "About who he was and where he belonged, so he took the trip to understand him better." Liv Tynot looks down. "Was the trip worthwhile?" Finn asks. I wonder if Will and Finn coordinated this before class. I wouldn't doubt it. "Well, sort of. He got the answers from watching the stars, which, he could have done in his own backyard. See, he learned how the stars work by knowing how they fit into the universe." Will looks at Liv. Paige and Scout look at each other. "Trying to be something else, or, comparing themselves to other things." Scout looks distant. Paige looks down. "Like Arnold was doing." Finn smiles. "Like a lot of us do." Liv tries not to look directly at Will. Scout puts his arm muscles up on his knees. Finn turns his face to the golden sun and says, "Like all of us do. Resolve to be thyself and know that he who finds himself loses his misery." I begin plucking my eyelashes just for the rush.

Cheese music and vacuous stares. Must be time for Krudski's Kwip: "Be yourself. What a cliché." Scout and Paige look at each other. What did they learn about each other this episode? I don't get it. "We hear it over and over in literature, fairy tales and songs, but we still don't get it." Will hands a note over to Liv. Terri and Verve walk in and sit down next to each other. LA Girl smiles, as she knows they just had gay sex. "It might be because when we dream we don't worry whether the dream is worthy of us, but rather, whether we're worthy of the dream." Liv opens the note. It says, "HI MY NAME IS WILL KRUDSKI AND I'M FROM NEW RAWLEY." Nice punctuation there, Kruddie. He's not done yet, though. "So we lose our identities in order to chase what we want." Will and Liv look at each other. Liv looks down. Close up on Terri and Verve. "But if we can stay proud of who we are and not run from ourselves, then maybe our dreams, like the prince with the glass slipper, will come find us." Paige watches Scout look off into the distance. Fade into Bella and Sean making out on a pier. Thank you, Jesus, for ending this. Thank you. Thank you.

Next week: It's Parents Weekend. Terri has to wear a dress because Mommy doesn't know she's been pretending to be a boy. I was wrong about thinking it was Sean Young. Damn. Wacky hide-the-boy-in-the-dress antics ensue. Terri's mom says, "Let's talk about sex," and someone drops a glass. Yee-haw! Thems some good writing, right there.

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Young Americans




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