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How lovely to be a woman

Will pulls the triangle off the table as he finishes racking up a game for himself. A group of people walks by the doorway. One of whom is Liv Tynot, who stares at him for a second. Will chalks his stick and the stand-in breaks. Will looks satisfied. "Nice break," Liv Tynot says from the doorway. Will smiles and thanks her. "You're good," she smiles. How does she know that from one break? He says he's average. "And humble!" she breaks into this little-girl voice and giggles. She asks what he's doing in there all alone. Playing pool. "Crowds kinda get to me," he says, because Will's as deep as Lake Homoerotica. She says that she was doing her poetry assignment and said that she found out that Florence was one of Browning's favorite places to write. "It's certainly one of mine," she says, like that's supposed to make her fascinating. "After St. Bart's?" Will asks. "How did you know that?" Liv Tynot breathes. She's a very breathy speaker. I hate it. "Which pocket?" he asks her. She points to the corner. "Dat one!" she babies. The stand-in makes a very easy shot with the 13. Will smirks and Liv tells him "nice shot." She walks into the darkness as Will mouths, "Wow." OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO BORING.

Bella stands in a doorway looking at the stars. Scout walks up and says, "A gentleman never lets a lady go unescorted at a cotillion." Great -- you might want to fuck her right there so she never goes unpregnant at her school, either. Hit her over the head and drag her away by the hair and start making little hemophiliacs, okay? Scout asks where her date is. Bella says he's hopefully asking some other girl to dance. Bella laughs at herself. Scout isn't laughing as he says, "You look beautiful." Smirk. "I fix up okay," Bella says, like she's suddenly got this image problem. "That's the understatement of the year," Scout says. Damn. I forgot a cliché. You win, Young Americans. You win. "So, maybe later you'll save a dance for your sister?" Bella asks. Ih. Ew. Ih. Bella says if Paige doesn't mind. Close-up stare. Close-up stare. Close-up stargazing. Lip licking. "So, is this what it's like?" Bella asks. "What?" Bella snorts and says, "Is this what it's like to be you?" Scout says that this isn't him. "No, no, no, it's so different," Bella spits. "It's like, it's like it's not even real." Scout, always the smooth talker, goes, "Well, that's because you don't fit in." "What?" Bella asks. Scout says that it's a compliment and that all the guys at the dance are talking about her. Oh, well, that's okay then. "It's my mom's dress," Bella says, and I can't help wondering if her mom was wearing that dress when Scout's dad pushed it aside to give her the Rawley Battle Cry. Scout starts with, "Bella, do you ever pretend..." "Scout," Bella interrupts. "Do you ever pretend that it's not true about us?" Close-up. Close-up. Close-up. "How 'bout that dance?" "Okay." They stand real close and dance. "Bella," he whispers. They almost kiss. "Yeah?" "We're gonna be okay," he whispers. Almost kissing... "Scout!" Paige yells. She stands outside and looks back and forth between the guilty Rawley Sibs. Everyone is quiet and agape until Paige says to Bella, "You're blushing." Bella swallows, starts to cry, and says she has to go. Bella runs off. Scout looks back at Paige. Paige looks down. I start to come out of my nap.

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Young Americans




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