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Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod

Liv Tynot shows up and apologizes for being late. She asks if she can read something to him. He says she can. She pulls out a piece of paper and starts reading Will back his poem. "I am Earth. You are sky. I gaze up to your light beauty. The wind is your touch. Gently, like small fingers dancing. How can I hold the wind?" My cat tries to bite the cable cord in half. Will gets all upset and asks where she got that poem. She says that Ryder wrote it for her. This Cyrano De Crapiac shit continues, but I'll save you. He's mad, she's smitten. There is much head shaking, looking down, blinking and nodding. Oh, and some squints. Maybe it's because it's usually so dark whenever they're in a building, that whenever they shoot a scene outside everyone's all squinty and blinking, shielding their eyes from the sun to look down. Maybe they're just trying not to vomit from the "light beauty." Will asks to reschedule their meeting. She agrees.

Ah. Back to the soothing darkness of the dormitory. Will runs down the stairs and tells Ryder he wants to talk to him. "I'm listening!" Ryder shouts. Will runs full-speed up behind him, grabs his arm and shouts, "Hey!" Ryder flips around and screams, "Krudski! What the hell?" Will says that Ryder used him to get to Liv. "You got paid." "You're a jerk." "Wah! I'm Will! 'You're a jerk!' Take that, you big, British bad guy! Wah! Next time I might call you a gaywad!" Ryder stands close enough to kiss and asks if he likes Liv. He stops Will and says he already knew the answer to that. Will asks if he did this "just to screw [him]." Ryder says that no, he did it to get to Liv. "Screwing you is just a fun by-product." "I made you a poet. Made Caroline think you had a heart." Well, thank you, Wizard. Do you think you could get Bella a dad, Scout a lay and me some Valium before I peek behind your curtain? Ryder tells him not to get his "panties in a twist." He says Will can have her as soon as he's "finished." He walks off into the dark. Will stares as we fade to black.

Pan down from a flag to find Verve sitting on his windowsill. Scout and Will meet at the bike rack as Will fills Scout in on Ryder's latest evil undertaking. Will says that Ryder was who was "keeping her warm at home." "No way," Scout says, and I have to agree, since Ryder was here last week extorting money and racking up gambling debts. "My life," Will laments. Scout asks what Will's going to do. Will suggests a good tarring and feathering. Scout laughs. I don't. They spot Verve perched on his sill, staring into nothing. He says hello. Will asks if he's okay. Verve moves a very taut muscle in his arm and asks why they're asking. Scout says he looks "a little depressed." Verve looks down: "Well, I'm not going to jump, if that's what you're thinking." This cues a few lame jokes about "oh, good" and "that's good news" and "does gay blood look like regular blood" type of humor from Scout and Will. Scout asks when Verve is moving in with Terri. "I'm not." "Oh." "Oh." Verve squints, shakes his head, looks down and says, "My posters don't match his furniture." Will laughs at the gay joke and Scout squints and nods, squints and nods, and bites his lip. "I guess they broke up," Scout says to Will as he walks off. "Kinda disappointed," Will squints.

Another song, which is some sort of poor man's 4 Non Blondes (which is just the poor man's Concrete Blonde) starts playing as Bella sits at Ye Olde Gas Pumpe and reads a magazine. Terri pulls up on her motorcycle, looking like a very hot guy. Bella looks, squints, blinks, blinks, and bites her lip. She says hi. Terri says hi back. Bella asks if Terri needs any help (isn't this a full-service station?) but Terri says she's got it. Bella stares at Terri's girl hands. She has some problems with getting the pump started, and Bella smiles, puts down her magazine, and gets up to help. Bella compliments Terri's bike. Terri thanks her and tells her that she's not supposed to have it at Rawley so she'd appreciate Bella's keeping it a secret. "My lips are sealed," Bella says with a head-shake. Terri looks down, nods, bites her lip and thanks her. Bella says that it must "be cool to be the only guy at Rawley with a motorcycle." Terri interrupts her with embarrassment and says that it is. She notices some oil or gas or something on her jeans and starts to lick her fingers and rub the spot. Bella tells her that she can get that out with a little "salt and soda water." Terri thanks her. She says they're brand-new. Bella nods and says, "Yeah, they look really cute on you." Terri asks her if she's sure. "You sure they don't make me look kind of..." "Fat?" Bella asks. Awkward quiet moment, where it's not sure if Terri thinks Bella called her fat, or if she figured out that Bella knows she's a girl. "They actually look really great," Bella smiles. Terri still has her jaw set while Bella continues. "In fact, first time I saw you, I thought..." "You thought what?" "Nothing, never mind." "What?" Terri asks. Bella blinks and says, "No, if I'm wrong, I'm gonna set myself on fire." Ooh! Be wrong! Be wrong! Terri asks Bella what she was thinking. "Well, I, uh...I, I thought, 'Why is this beautiful girl dressing like a guy?'" Terri looks down and nods, smiles, nods, looks away. Bella stares and blinks. Terri takes off her helmet, kisses it, and holds it to her chest. "I knew it," Bella says. Terri smiles at her. Bella laughs.

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