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Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod

Ryder stands outside and smokes a cigarette. He walks over to a window and sees Terri inside. She sits in a chair and reads a book.

Verve walks over to Terri and pulls on her earlobe playfully. He walks off, and she gets up and follows.

Ryder smokes and watches this exchange. He blinks, exhales, and blinks.

Verve and Terri run into some small bookroom and say, "Hi, boy." "Hi, boy." They are at their required one-inch distance from each other. Verve says they've got to find a better way to "be together." He reaches up and rests his hands on her breasts. "Yeah, like now?" Terri asks. "Like, all the time," Verve says. Terri says she likes the sound of that. As they are about to kiss, Ryder walks into the room. Terri and Verve break away. "Oh. Excuse me," Ryder says, just like Eddie Izzard in his bit on British acting in Dressed to Kill. Ryder leans in way close to Terri like he's smelling her face. She turns away. Ryder grabs a book off the shelf next to her. He pulls back and says that he's just grabbing a book on "genetic mutations." Ha. Verve asks if he's studying his family tree. Eh. Ryder stares, blinks, stares, blinks, nods, exhales a laugh, blinks, and stares. Blink, blink, head down, blink, turn around, walk away. Verve says, "That was funny." Terri says it wasn't, but she starts laughing anyway. "Lunch?" "Yeah." "Yeah." They don't kiss, even though their lips touch when they talk. They walk away.

Will and Liv sit by some running fountain thing. If all of these kids are really "actors," then I don't understand this "poetry voice" they put on whenever they recite something. Will's going at it. "My love. Leave your lips half-open. Because that final kiss should linger with me. It should stay still forever in your mouth, so that it goes with me, too. Unto my death." Will and Scout are still wearing the same clothes from the last episode. The exact same clothes. "That's sad," Miss Deep Thang says. Will corrects her and says that it's "passionate." As she stares and tries to figure out what the word "passionate" means, Will gets all self-righteous and preachy: "It's endless love, to want to be with someone that much. To hold them. To kiss them. Until forever. With poetry you can't just take things at face value. You've got to dig find the meaning, the truth. And if you still can't find it, you dig even deeper." She starts giggling for some reason. "Or you just ask me for help," he concludes. She keeps laughing, and my laughter joins hers, as I realize how deep you've got to dig to find yourself a little Krudski thinking he's smarter than you are. She agrees to ask him if she needs help. She says she'll see him tomorrow, and leaves. Will nods, looks down, nods, wiggles his book, looks away, blinks, nods, blinks.

As Liv is walking she passes Ryder. He pulls her arm and calls her name. He asks what she's doing there. She kisses him and slurs, "Passing English." She tells him that Will is tutoring her. Ryder comes up with a scathingly brilliant idea as they walk off-screen.

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Young Americans




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