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Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod

If Coke is going to be the main sponsor and run promos every commercial break, shouldn't they run more than just the same two over and over?

Will is leaning against some boats as Nick Drake kills us softly with his (third) song. Will's working on the "sonnet." Yikes. "'There's a promise of tomorrow in your smile.' Okay, I'm making myself sick." He rips the page out. As Nick starts singing, Will looks over and sees Liv walking with a friend in slow motion. He goes back to his paper. "I am Earth. You are sky." You are the words. I am the tune. Gag me.

Bella is underneath another car, working on some important part. A boy walks up and asks how she's doing. "Your socks don't match," she tells him. Mismatched Socks rolls her out from under the car and lifts her giggling body. It's Sean. "Hi," she says. "Hello." She laughs.

More giggling. Now they are on a boat. His shirt is off. Hers isn't. But they put her hair over her shirt straps, so this looks straight out of The Blue Lagoon. They stop to eat. She thanks him for taking her out. "I really needed to get out of the gas station today." I hope Grace knows how to give a lube job (shut up, you). Sean smiles and says he knows she did. He says, "Come here," and there's this strange thing where he acts like he's lifting her, but she clearly stands up and sits next to him. He puts his arms around her. He kisses her head and plays with her hair as she asks if he thinks she was wrong for not wanting to get in touch with her mother. "I think you gotta go with whatever you feel." He probably is hinting at going with what she's feeling pressing into the back of her Old Navy Board Shorts, because he's still mouthing her head while she's being pouty. "Scout thinks I'm missing this great opportunity," she says. We hear Sean's penis make the sound from The Price is Right when you lose at Plinko. Bah-na-nah-naaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh-waaaahhhhh. "You know? Screw Scout," Sean says. She's trying, Buddy. You don't even know. "I mean, since when is it any of his business?" Sean asks. Bella says it's hard to explain. Sean says it's pretty easy to explain that Scout's "got the hots" for Bella and is trying to get involved in her life any way that he can. Bella gets all mad and says, "No, that's not it." He asks what it is, then. Bella looks down, exhales, blinks and says that Scout and her are friends and they care about each other. "But it's not what you think." Sean has been sniffing a chunk of her hair the entire time. He pushes her away, leans the other way and says, "Okay, so I'm not crazy." Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Bella sits on the other side of the boat. "Okay, Sean, I'm gonna tell you something? That I haven't told anyone." Exhale. Sean starts nodding, looks up, keeps nodding, nodding, smiling, nodding, eyebrows, nodding, "Yeah?" Purse lips, stare, blink, blink, blink, look down, exhale, lick lips. "The, the thing with me and Scout? Is that [blink, look down], we're kind" Look up, roll eyes, blink. "What?" Head down, blink, stare. Head roll, distant look. Swallow. Blink. Eyes closed. Blink. Lick lips. "Sean, Scout's my brother." Head down blink. "What?" Look down, blink, blink, blink. Roll eyes. "My mom had an affair with his dad." Squinty mouth-breathing. Look down, blink, blink, blink. "You've gotta be kidding me." Look down. Exhale.

Sean asks why she didn't tell him this before. She says she didn't tell anyone. "Well, I'm not just anyone," InstaLine 2000 spits out. Bella looks down, exhales, puts one finger up to her temple and starts rubbing. Sean exhales and asks if she's "sure about this." Bella continues to rub and says she's pretty sure. Sean looks away, rolls his eyes, exhales, shakes his head, blinks, blinks, shakes his head and says, "Well, you gotta do what you gotta do." Who is she dating -- Tommy Lee Jones? He continues shaking his head as he says he "couldn't live with 'pretty sure.'" Bella has to look down, blink, look up, look down, blink. We pan back to the two of them lowering and raising their heads, exhaling, and twiddling their thumbs. I wonder if they'll change that Nick Drake song from "Pink" to "Blink."

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