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Terri is at her computer when Verve walks in all aglow. They can't stop with the blush on that boy. He walks over to her and they do the moany kiss. He looks at a spot on her wall and asks if she knows what would look great right there. "Hm?" "My new Third Eye Blind poster." Uh, no. Unless he's looking at the trash can. You can't tell from this shot. "You think?" "Uh-huh. And over there... my Fender guitar." Terri is getting confused. "And over there, my stereo which totally blows yours away." He kisses her neck and says it's "stupid" to have two stereos, anyway. She asks what he's talking about. He says he's moving in. He bounces on her bed. "With you." She turns and looks at him. He says he's moving in with her. "Wait. Wait, wait. Back up, like, five hundred feet." He says his parents said that he could move in with her. "Are you crazy?" "Why? It's the answer to our problems." First off, I suggested this a long time ago. But more importantly, Terri's obviously paying quite a bit of money to have a single room. The dean and his wife can't just move their son into there. She asks if he was going to ask her about this or if she was just going to walk in one day to find him there. She says she has no say in this. Verve says he thought she would be "psyched." The hair stylist is on vacation for this episode. There is a noticeable lack of mousse and gel. Verve says he thought she wanted them to be together. "Not living together," she shouts. "I mean, sleeping together? In the same room? No! No! I'm not ready for that!" Verve says he's sick of sneaking around, as if pretending to have gay love in the dorm is no longer sneaking around. Terri crazy pouts and goes back to her computer as she says, "Well, then I guess you're gonna have to think of another solution, because I don't think your posters are gonna match my stuff." Verve blinks twice, looks to the right, blinks twice again and looks back. He gets up and walks out. Terri flinches before the door slams. She exhales, and puts her head in her hand.

Someone is sleeping on a couch, but since it's always so dark in New Rawley, I can't tell who it is. Will is doing his famous sneaking posture as he walks into the room. I think it's Ryder on the couch, though, because he's wearing headphones. Yeah, it is. Will walks over and hits Ryder over the head with his notebook. Will hands him the poem and asks for his money. Ryder says he'll have to read it first. There is drool on Will's upper lip as he says, "It's good, a-ight? Just give me the money." Ryder says that it's "too good" and asks who wrote it. Will says he wrote it. Ryder doesn't believe him. He tosses back the notebook and says, "I won't stand for plagiarism in my name." Will looks down and giggles, because plagiarism is so, like, five episodes ago. There is still that drool on his upper lip as he says, "It's inspired." Will's all, "But hey, if you don't want it, fine." Ryder grabs the notebook. They share a lingering look. Ryder laughs. He hands Will the money and thanks him. He says he has a midterm paper coming up and will talk to him later. "Don't bet on it," Will says. Oh, ha.

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