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Ryders On The Storm

Scout and Bella are so not looking anywhere near Ryder's class. In fact, they are just trying to not stare at each other. Bella licks her lips. Scout clenches his jaw. Scout tells Bella that his father's career could be ruined "if this gets out." Bella is shocked that Scout just cares about the Senator's seat. Bella reminds Scout that it was his idea to meet his father in the first place, and that he's been hounding her for "weeks." And then suddenly he doesn't want her to meet him anymore. Scout says that if she felt what he felt when he was telling him. Bella's all, "Telling him what?" Scout admits that he told his father about her at the Regatta. "So he doesn't want to meet me," Bella says. "Because there have been rumors. There were false rumors before." There were rumors. He was into field hockey, Senator DryHump has been accused of this before? Wouldn't this make Scout a little suspicious? As Bella and Scout are whispering at each other about feeling like an idiot and lies, Ryder has walked off the quad. Bella notices first, and starts yelling at Scout.

Will is running around looking for Bella and Scout, but he runs into Ryder. He asks where he's taking his computer. "Nowhere." Will says he has to get a paper out of there and he just wants the disk out of the machine. Ryder flips around and shouts, "We've all goh our neeeeds, little Krudski. Why don't you just back off?" "You know, your accent's really starting to piss me off, Ryder." Ryder tells Will to go tell the dean, and that he's sure the dean would love to hear about their gambling incident. Suddenly the cronies are right there all up in Will's shit. Will tries to grab Ryder as he walks off, but the cronies shove Will back in place. They don't stick around, though, and Will walks over to Scout and Bella as they run up. Will tells them Ryder's headed towards the parking lot. The three of them argue over which way is the fastest to get there until Bella says they need to go. Scout actually shrugs and then they follow her.

Ryder puts his headphones on and walks to his little red Corvette. The threesome come to a field and start shouting Ryder's name. For some reason they can't shout and run at the same time. They shout, but Ryder doesn't hear because he's wearing his headphones! Aren't the plot twists divine? A security guard walks by and watches Ryder put the bag and the jacket into the trunk of the car. Ryder turns off the car alarm. Run, stop, scream Ryder's name. Ryder checks his pockets, resets the alarm, and then runs back towards the dorm. Bella, Scout, and Will walk over to the Corvette. Ryder may be British, but his car's from Maryland. They walk to the back of the car and -- I'm not kidding -- they put their hands on the trunk and push down a few times. Will tells Scout to reach in and try the trunk release. Bella says it's a bad idea. Too late. Scout trips the alarm on the car. The security guard (the one who walked by when Ryder was loading the car, the same one who was standing there when the three of them ran up screaming Ryder's name) is now watching them trip the alarm and freak out. Bella says they should just pretend it's theirs and they all get into the car. The security guard starts walking over. Will asks Bella if she thinks she can hotwire it. "Yeah," she says. Bella leans down and grabs the two open wires that all Corvettes have just under the steering wheel and touches the ends together. Scout leans in. "What, are you gonna hotwire it? What are you, some kinda --" "Townie? Yes, now get in." The wires spark and the car starts. Will and Scout get into the car. Somehow this also turns off the alarm. The security guard walks over. Bella says they had a little problem with the alarm but they are now "good to go." The security guard doesn't move or say a word, just looks in the direction where they are driving. No wonder there are so many illegal activities going on at Rawley. The Corvette speeds off. Fade to black.

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Young Americans




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