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Kiss And Tell

Terri sits back down between Lena and Verve and announces that they were all out of her candy. She purses her lips and looks around. Side shot of the three of them watching the movie. At the same time, Verve and Lena turn to look at Terri. Whee! Terri gets uncomfortable, looks at Verve, and goes back to the movie.

Scout stands in the darkened concession stand. Why is every room so damn dark in this city? It's summertime! Sean storms up to Scout and says, "What the hell do you think you were doing back there?" Scout says he was on his way to the snack bar. "I'm not going to ask what you were doing, because I think that's pretty obvious." And none of his business, frankly, but no one has ever asked me anything. Sean asks what the hell he means. "It means that Bella is very'd just better treat her right, is all I'm saying." Sean gives Scout a mighty shove and says, "Screw you! Who are you to tell me how to treat her? What are you her brother?" I bite my tongue, just to have something tangible to match this pain. Bella runs up and tells Sean to stop. "No," he whines. "Yes. Now." She pulls him back. Sean slams some paper COKE cups down so we know he's really tough. Man, I can't wait for Bella to dump this guy. No one in the concession stand even stops for one moment. As Bella leads her man out by his arm, she takes a backward glance at her lover. I mean, brother. Scout leans back on the counter. Ryder is right in his face, eating a chip. "You shou-ah hi 'im." Fade to black.

I burst into tears.

Rowing, rowing, rowing. In the darkness, sitting on a table, Paige tells Bella that even though she was with Scout she never felt like she was alone. Doesn't Paige have a new school to attend? Bella smiles and says that maybe Scout just takes a little while to warm up. Paige offers this bullshit: "He's fifteen. Sitting in a car. With a girl. At a drive-in." She concludes that either Scout is in love with someone else or "he's been hurt during the war." WHAT? ["I think it might be a The Sun Also Rises shout-out. But perhaps I'm being charitable." -- Wing Chun] "And there's been no war." Thanks, Paige. This cues Bella's laughter. Paige asks if there's someone else. Bella looks guilty and says she doesn't know. Twice.

Main Street. 1961. Bella storms into the Friendly's and says that she and Scout need to talk. I guess they're going to run out the one customer they got today. Scout says he apologizes for last night. "I was out of line." "Out of line? Try out of your mind!" Oh, Lord, that's some bad writin', peeps. She says she has every right to be on a date. He says he knows she does, "But it was who [she] was on a date with." Bella rapid-fires her next few lines. "You know, this is getting really boring. Why can't you just be happy for me? Why?" Wait, Bella. Stop. Go back to the first sentence. You had it right there. No need to go any further. Scout tells Bella that Sean isn't the kind of guy he sees her with. "You keep saying that! So, what kind of guy do you see me with, exactly?" she demands. Scout mouth-breathes for a second. "That's what I thought." Bella brats. "We can't see each other anymore." "What are you talking about? I was just worried about you like a brother," Scout pleads. Bella rolls her eyes all the way to Spain and says, "Oh. Okay. Then tell me. You're with this beautiful, smart girl last night. How did that go? Did you enjoy it? Did you even kiss her?" Scout blinks. "We're not going down this road again," Bella says, standing up. "Goodbye, Scout." Bella walks off, and Scout grabs a napkin dispenser and holds it close to his chest. Close-up on Scout. Blink.

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